Clan Ton Theon

Background Edit

Bonita is often made fun of for her looks. She is called ugly and gross and all sorts of nasty names. At first these names hurt her, but she later learned to embrace them.

Yes she was ugly and she was proud. She later met Panii who was also bullied for his looks and she also met many good friends in Seeking Clan(Now called Clan Ton Theon) who could see past her looks.

She now lives happily in Seeking Clan and known for her silliness and upbeat attitude. She is also usually the first on the scene to stop any bullying she sees.

Personality Edit

Friendly and fun. She's cheerful and always has something positive to say.

Relationships Edit

Panii: Her deceased mate

Trivia Edit

  • I got her from an ugly dragon thread and boy did I get just that
  • This is the note her previous owner left in her bio: Here it is, the ugliest dragon on the whole site. You found it. Congratulations
  • She's pansexual
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