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The Complete Library of All the Clans and Lairs of Sornieth Wikia


Bradley came to the Clan Aria Echoes from an ally clan as a hatchling. She was very vague about many details, and as such the clan initially thought she was male. Eventually, Percy—Bradley's clan-born cousin and best friend—corrected this embarrassing and rather awkward mistake.

At some point, Bradley began to work with Chantal and learn magic. While their clan mates initially protested this apprenticeship—fearing Chantal's negative influence—but to everyone's surprise, the mischievous fae actually taught the young tundra a lot of useful skills.

Unfortunately, she picked up her mentor's habit of ignoring the clan's magic needs. Unlike Chantal, however, this isn't out of a selfish desire, but a bad habit of putting off less-pressing issues in favor of crafting new spells.

Her specialty is bug-repelling spells.


Bradley loves soft things and hates bugs. Really hates bugs. It makes her friendship with her cousin—who is an entomologist—pretty difficult. Still, she persists.

She's very curious, particularly about magic, and spends a great deal of her time inventing and investigating spells.

She cares deeply about her cousin and her mentor.


Flannery mentions Bradley as being of uncertain loyalty as she persuades Aldebaran to join her Inner Circle.