Bralzrim is in charge of Clan Scribbles' entire army. Both soldiers and guards answer to him. He directly serves under Verona. As he is one of the most talented warriors in the lair, he can be mostly found in the lair of the Three.

If Bralzrim isn't patrolling, he can be found honing his skills in the Coliseum. He has gained somewhat of a reputation amongst the Beastclan, and strikes fear into their hearts by his mere presence. Towards dragons, however, he is slightly more merciful. He takes prisoners of war, but isn't above interrogation.

During one of his campaigns, he has learnt a powerful and useful spell... He can temporarily turn invisible, and has seen to be able to stay in that state for up to three hours. His troops have taken to tricking opponents that Bralzrim is present and invisible, while he may not even be there. Opponents have dreaded meeting him on the battlefield, praying that their enemy was not playing tricks on them.

History Edit

Bralzrim was a mercenary when he arrived at the clan's lair, and came to rest with his group. Him and the mercenaries he travelled with had seen the worst of the business, and were considering retirement. They agreed to divide the reward from their last assignment, and then discuss going their seperate ways the next morning.

However, during his stay at Clan Scribbles, a terrifyingly large group of Beastclans attacked one fateful night. Angered at being roused from his sleep, he ordered his group to help the lair's guards. With his aid, Clan Scribbles managed to fight them off. On the battlefield, Verona noticed his skills. She realized the clan couldn't handle a second attack like this. After the last Beastclans were fleeing, she asked the young mercenary to come see her the next morning.

Bralzrim came alone, and Verona was quick to make her intentions clear. The lair needed an army to defend them, and she wanted the young Imperial to lead them. He agreed. The mercenary group had finally found its calling, and Bralzrim's mercenary group would become the first soldiers of the clan.

Later on in his career, Aries would arrive at the clan and would run the royal guard. Seeing her prowess in the Coliseum, he slowly found himself falling for her. He had seen many horrors on the battlefield... But he would later claim that asking her out for the first time was the most terrifying experience of his life. Bralzrim had never considered starting a family, until becoming exclusive to Aries alone. The couple eventually married under the Plaguebringer, and had their first hatchlings together.

Future Plans Edit

Bralzrim plans on expanding his family, and continuing his career to support them. He does not plan on retiring until old age forces him to.

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