The Leech of the Red Kingdom.

Background Edit

Hailing originally from Sliabh na Cogair, Brigh grew up and spent the early part of her life there, studying magic and honing her healing talents. With the alliance that was drawn up between the two clans and the decision between Ruaidhri and Oona to exchange fosterlings, Brigh volunteered to make the move into Plague territories: she felt she had learned all she reasonably could from her home, and wanted to be somewhere she could put her talents into practice.

With the blessing of her clan and the guidance of Caoimhe, she left the Mountain of Whispers for the first time and made her way to her new home. She was welcomed immediately and found herself settling in unexpectedly fast, and quickly struck up a friendship with Damhan, the clan's other healer. Where he deals with disease and the dying, her abilities deal with life and renewal, and they found they worked startlingly well together; before long, their relationship had deepened, and Brigh made the bold move of asking to be his mate. He accepted, and they have been partnered ever since, both in work and in love.

Clan Role Edit

Brigh is one of two physical healers who tend to the clan's wellbeing, along with her partner Damhan. She deals in healing energy, using talents that are primarily magical in nature; formally, her domain is injury and patients who are likely to recover, while her mate deals with disease and those likely to die, but there is often a fair amount of overlap in their work. She also works closely with Ailill, the Red Kingdom's counsellor, helping him deal with the mental wellbeing of the clan.

Personality Edit

Kind-hearted, studious, and gently serene, Brigh has an ideal bedside manner as a healer. Owing to her large size, she must work carefully with the majority of her patients, but she has a surprisingly delicate touch and is very dextrous with both claws and teeth. Beneath this peaceable exterior, however, lurks a sense of adventure—the same boldness that led her to leave her clan of origin and to propose to Damhan barely two months after their first meeting. And though she doesn't often show it in displays of enthusiasm, she is passionate and dedicated to her craft, and deeply interested in the mechanics of life, survival, and the body.

Relationships Edit

  • Damhan: Partner, lover, and colleague.
  • Ailill: Clan counsellor and a colleague.
  • Sadbh: Clan housekeeper and a collaborator.
  • Laoise: Clan caretaker and a collaborator.
  • Aifric: Clan gardener and a collaborator.
  • Aine: Clan flower-keeper and a collaborator.
  • Tomas: Clan beekeeper and a collaborator.
  • Caoimhe: Sliabh na Cogair's contact and a friend.

Brigh is bisexual.

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