The Bard of the Red Kingdom.

Background Edit

Bronach is a late arrival to the Red Kingdom, having found her place with the clan long after the establishment of the lair and the kingdom. Previously a wandering storyteller, she had travelled the length and breadth of the world spinning tales and poems and playing music, before making a stop at the Red Kingdom on her travels. She found herself welcomed as she rarely had been in other places, with a place and an honour accorded to her art. Finding herself fascinated with the developing story of the kingdom, she decided to stay and take part in its chronicling.

Also attracting her interest was the hunter Cennetig, whom she saw only in tantalizing glimpses and brief moments for many long weeks after her first arrival. Familiar with—and unafraid of—the darknesses of people's hearts and the stories they tell themselves about monstrousness, she had no trouble seeing him for what he is: not a bad person, but a wounded one always taking care not to harm, even against his own instincts. Her proposal to him was carefully thought through, though it seemed impulsive to those who didn't know her well, and after much deliberation he has tentatively agreed to be her mate.

Clan Role Edit

As a bard, Bronach's role—in the clan and in her own life—is something of a hybrid between storyteller, musician, chronicler, historian, and priest. She composes stories, poems, and songs, partially for their own merits but also, primarily, to preserve and share the history and accomplishments of the Red Kingdom and its members. There is also often a spiritual element to her work, and she has taken a sacred oath as a bard that is not directly tied to the veneration of the Red Kingdom's Elemental Heir or to the worship of the Plaguebringer; rather, her devotion is to the bardic art itself. Like Cinaed, she tells her stories and recites her songs and poetry primarily for the benefit of the clan, but she also recites—primarily verse—as honoured performance for significant guests. She is also the one primarily responsible for playing music for Alastriona's performances, but in those cases her instrumentation is to enhance the art of the dance, rather than performed for its own sake.

Personality Edit

Poised and unflappable, Bronach has a certain serenity about her that is never shaken, even in times of great stress or despair. She has been all around the world and seen a great deal, and is rarely surprised by anything, but rather than making her jaded, her experiences have merely made her wise. She is comfortable with dark or difficult subjects, and walks the balance between troubled and carefree with remarkable ease: she is at peace with herself, and with the less admirable aspects of herself and her life. She has a great deal of charisma, if more subtly than some of the more flashy or vivacious charmers of the clan, but despite her diminutive size she can command a room with seemingly little effort when she puts her mind to it. Her talents are part of the bard's arts; whether they are magical, or merely well-trained skills, is a question no one in the clan has yet settled, and she's certainly not telling.

Relationships Edit

  • Cennetig: Partner and lover.
  • Cinaed: Clan storyteller and a colleague.
  • Cianan: Clan lorekeeper and a colleague.
  • Alastriona: Clan dancer and a colleague.
  • Seaghdha: Clan illuminator and a collaborator.
  • Aodh: Clan flametender and a friend.
  • Bairre: Clan merchant and a friend.

Bronach is bisexual.

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