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{{Dragon Infobox|title = GoodJobBuddy|position = Aquarist and Aquatic Familiar Keeper|gender = Male|breed = Guardian|primary = Obsidian Iridescent|secondary = Gold Facet|tertiary = Gold Glimmer|flight = Fire|familiar = Water Sprite
{{Dragon Infobox|title = |position = |gender = |breed = |primary = |secondary = |tertiary = |flight = |familiar = }}
== Background ==
== ==
WIP - came to the clan recently with his friend Lilly who was helping him on his Search, found his Charge in the welfare of the aquatic animals and familiars in the clan, will stay as long as their are beings that need his care
== Personality ==
WIP - kind, gentle, passionate about the creatures in his care, knows pretty much everything there is to know about aquatic animals (particularly salt-water varieties) and is more than happy to share that knowledge with anyone who will listen, can be playful especially around hatchlings, loves swimming/diving, pretty much a giant marine biology nerd with a heart of gold
== Appearance ==
WIP - (final genes are still up for debate), not as long as an average Guardian but still huge in comparison to everyone else, moves carefully so as not to hurt those around him, usually covered in salt water residue, always smells faintly of fish
== Abilities ==
WIP - insane knowledge and understanding of aquatic creatures and environments, able to identify any aquatic creature almost instantly, a good motivator, likes helping others achieve their goals, strong and tough - can definitely hold his own in a fight though he would prefer not fighting at all if possible
== Trivia ==
* Buddy was hatched January 25, 2016
* He was designed and named by a friend; his name comes from a phrase his creator uses all the time - "Good job, buddy!"
* Unlike [[Lilly (Clan of the Morning Star)|Lilly]], Buddy takes most of his personality traits and mannerisms straight from his creator
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[[Category:Fire Dragon]]

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