The Cold Shadow of the Red Kingdom.

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The oldest of the Red Kingdom's local Nocturnes, Cailte attached themselves to Ruaidhri's clan during their species' first recorded winter breeding season. Their reasons for deciding to stay, and Ruaidhri's reasons for accepting their presence, are subject to uncertainty, but as they have proven a benign influence on the clan as a whole their presence has been welcomed despite initial confusion.

Soon other Nocturnes followed, including the one who would become their mate, Nuala, and Cailte became a sort of unofficial leader to the group. They collectively made their home in the smaller upper caverns of the lair—inaccessible except by flight—and Cailte lurks there, primarily picking up clan members' mannerisms from a distance. Owing to their habit of nocturnal activity while the majority of the clan is asleep, they have achieved something of a mythological status among the younger clan members, and are often treated somewhat like a household spirit.

Clan Role Edit

Cailte has imprinted most strongly on the clan's innovators, and therefore spends much of their time in research and experimentation; however, not having developed proper study habits over the course of years, their methods are haphazard and they frequently do not fully grasp the significance of the facts they learn. Their role in research is often to provide raw data or point out interesting observances, which may then be studied and refined by the more methodical members of the group. They also occasionally scavenge for unusual books or interesting materials and leave them where they can be discovered, a tendency that is seen with fondness by their clanmates.

Personality Edit

As with many Nocturnes, Cailte's personality is often-shifting and somewhat erratic, and they are frequently thrown into a feedback loop with the others of their species whose living space they share. Their most frequently exhibited characteristics, as with their habits, are drawn from the ranks of the clan's innovators; they may said to be studious, curious, and slightly scatterbrained—at least most of the time.

Relationships Edit

  • Nuala: Partner and lairmate.
  • Naoise: Lairmate and friend.
  • Eibhlin: Lairmate and friend.
  • Colum: Clan architect and a collaborator.
  • Conlaed: Clan alchemist and a collaborator.
  • Enna: Conlaed's apprentice and a collaborator.

Cailte is pansexual.

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