"I was a leader, once. One of the strongest in the clan. Aislinn had so much faith in me. But I was defeated by Abbas. Don't get me wrong, I don't find any dishonor in defeat. But...he was just so angry that an outsider held so much power."



Living In Maelnonia

Calan originates from the Focal Point. When he was young, his egg was found by the Maelnonia Academy of Sorcery and thus his birthclan—and parents—are unknown. He was raised at Maelnonia,  where he learned all sorts of different magics and spells and lethal hexes. A spellmaker and caster at heart, Calan never questioned his origins and saw himself as a loyal member of Maelnonia. Calan created several new spells, and although dark magic sects of Maelnonia tried to recruit him and his talents, Calan always denied saying he wished to stay as far away from dark magic as possible.

As the days went by, Calan began to find his life at the Academy dull and boring. The same dragons walking through the same halls. The same spells being taught. The same professor spouting the same thing: Maelnonia was the best magic academy there was.

And of course, the same arrogant dark mages trying to recruit him day after day.

Fed up with the sameness, Calan declared his intent to leave the Academy, his excuse being that he wished to see the rest of the world to learn more magic from other clans. The headmasters accepted his request, letting him leave without problems or consequences. Calan left as quickly as he possibly could; he packed very few of his belongings and left without looking back.

Joining The WavesEdit

The Moonlit Waves

Although he didn't have a plan, Calan knew exactly where he wished to go first: the Sea of a Thousand Currents where he could learn the secrets of the Tidelord's prophecies.

Instead of finding peaceful dragons, he instead found harsh and untrusting dragons who saw him as an enemy. Water dragons chased him from their homes, attacking him and throwing insults at him. Although disappointed, he certainly understood the hesitance of the Water dragons. Perhaps other dragons wished to steal their prophecies for themselves, making them worry that he sought to exploit them the same way. So Calan spent several years attempting to gain the trust of the Water dragons, but there was only one clan he managed to befriend: the clan of the Moonlit Waves.

Calan met the Waves when Morrigan was still Empress, but during the time that Aislinn was implementing changes so that non-Water dragons could live in their clan in peace. Such changes made it better for Calan to both learn and teach; as he was trained in both the arts of magic and fighting, he soon become one of the trainers of young dragons in the Moonlit Waves. Morrigan didn't trust him, but relented when she saw that her warriors were learning how to fight and how not to fall prey to the tricks of magicians. Because of her stronger warriors, Morrigan promoted Calan into the Head Warrior after the Coatl challenged the previous Head Warrior, Lunawing.

Falling In LoveEdit

Galechka Enters His Life

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The PresentEdit

Calan's Present

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Studious, loyal and steadfast. Calan will always keep a promise, whether for gain or ill. This was what convinced the Empress Morrigan to accept his challenge of Head Warrior against Lunawing. Despite such positive traits, Calan was also very negative and cynical when he first joined, not to mention quite arrogant. Although he grew out of his arrogance somewhat, he stills retains his "Maelnonia Nonsense" as he calls it to this day.


Calan has a length of 7.35m, being just slightly below the average length for a male Coatl (average length is 7.64m). His wingspan, however, is way below average: 7.33m (male Coatls have an average wingspan of 8.9m). Weighting at 1074.1kg, Calan is also a little over the average weight of a male Coatl, reflecting his large figure. As a former Head Warrior, Calan also has a few scars; a major one being on his right thigh.

Calan is 25 years old, a year young than his mate Galechka. Calan's ID is 47305495. His full name, Calan Yi Kadashman-Enlil, was created when he joined the Empire. Before that, he was simply known as Calan Cheral.

Family TreeEdit


Galechka; Wildclaw


"You all need to learn this! Magicians will try their very hardest to trick and kill you. These tricks I'm teaching you will help you counter them!" --Calan to his apprentices


  • His name is Welsh for "a beginning".
  • His hatchday is November 30, 2018.


  • Calan (right) & average male Coatl (left)
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