Clan Ton Theon

Background Edit

Eternally Youthful

Candycorn is a bit more misbehaved than his buddy ToT. He's always staying up way past his bedtime and is always sneaking an extra cookie.

He's a known liar, but not a very good one.

He has quite the sweet tooth. He's practically obsessed with Candycorn. He once ate three bags of the stuff at once. He was grounded and sick after that, but he still doesn't regret it. Nor has he learned. He has made it clear that he wouldn't hesitate to do something like that again.

He's stubborn and his favorite word is 'no'.

He's also very playful and cheerful. He likes to play hide and seek with Whirlpool and ToT.

He cannot fly, but sometimes he's known to float. He has a lot of untapped Arcane energy in him that he doesn't know how to control yet. Sometimes that energy causes him to float up in the air like a balloon. It doesn't scare him when it happens, but it terrifies the adult dragons. They're afraid he may just float into the sky to never be seen again one of these days. Amara takes care to watch him extra closely when he's outside.

No one ever talks about how he doesn't age.

Maybe it's because they don't notice.

Maybe it's because so many of the dragons in Clan Ton Theon have lost their innocence to the terrors in the world, and they take comfort knowing at least one soul in the clan can be innocent for eternity.

Personality Edit

He's a bad lair and stubborn. He's playful and has a sweet tooth.

Relationships Edit

TrickorTreat: His best friend.

Trivia Edit

  • Theme song is It's Almost Halloween- P!ATD
  • He's a perma baby
  • He has apparel because of an old glitch that allowed you to put apparel on babies by replaces an adult ID with a hatchling ID while on the dressing dragon page.
  • This glitch was fixed so now the apparel is permanently on Candycorn unless I scroll him into an adult
  • He cannot ever leave my lair and I'm ok with that
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