The Sorceress of the Red Kingdom.

Background Edit

Originally hailing from an Arcane clan, Caoimhe sound found the interests of her prodigious magical talents would be best served studying in Plague territories instead. She travelled across the Scarred Wasteland, visiting clans along the way and seeking one where she felt she fit and that would have a use for her abilities. That happy overlap was found in the Red Kingdom, and she settled comfortably into her new clan.

Previously always content to keep to herself, the arrival of Daire saw a change in her behaviour—she developed an interest in him, and courted him for long months before he agreed to be her mate. Though they love each other fiercely, she recognizes that his first allegiance will always be to Ruaidhri, but fortunately this is not a problem for her. She takes advantage of the space afforded by their relationship to devote herself to research and magical collaborations with Mathuin, Nekane, and Naoise, and to travel across the continent in pursuit of greater power and knowledge. It was her acquaintance with the renowned magical scholars of Sliabh na Cogair, the product of one such voyage, that led ultimately to the thriving alliance between the Mountain of Whispers and the Red Kingdom today.

Clan Role Edit

Caoimhe is a sorceress and one of the clan's two primary magic-users. Though she works often in concert with Mathuin, her counterpart, she also has substantial projects of her own. Her magic style is flashier and more theoretical than his, drawing on ambient magic, elemental powers, and natural forces rather than herbs and charms. She also serves the clan with magical learning, and with the connections and alliances she forms with other magic users on her travels.

Personality Edit

Considered odd even among her loving and accepting clan, Caoimhe spends much of her time happily pursuing her studies alone, or in the company of the clan's other scholars. She delights in company, however: she is happy to accept curious questions—as long as the asker doesn't cause any trouble—and when not otherwise occupied will often relax in the common areas of the lair or entertain youngsters with stories. In manner, she is mischievous, clever, and often deliberately mysterious; it is unclear how much of her attitude is a native part of her personality and how much is put on to enhance her mystique. Not even Daire fully understands what goes on in her head, and she prefers it that way.

Relationships Edit

  • Daire: Partner and lover.
  • Mathuin: Clan magician and a colleague.
  • Naoise: Magical mimic and a collaborator.
  • Nekane: Elemental deity and a collaborator.
  • Oscar: Clan priest and Nekane's consort.
  • Aine: Clan flower-keeper and a collaborator.
  • Aodh: Clan flametender and a collaborator.
  • Brigh: Sliabh na Cogair's fosterling and a friend.

Caoimhe is bisexual.

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