The Battle Man of the Red Kingdom.

Background Edit

Originally a general with his clan of birth, Cathair walked away when his clan settled into a seemingly permanent state of peace and it was firmly suggested that he take his talents elsewhere. For some time he lived as a wanderer, until he eventually came across the Red Kingdom—or, more specifically, Iuile's hunting band on the outskirts of Red Kingdom territory. While hunting wasn't soldiering, the Wildclaw band appreciated Cathair's skills in a way no one had since he had left his clan of origin—and, more to the point, he enjoyed the company of Iuile and her two partners, Ailbhe and Saoirse.

It was only after he agreed to join their band—and their family—that he learned that there was in fact a whole kingdom they were members of. He travelled to the main lair with them to meet the clan for the first time after they had already made him their fourth partner, which made for an interesting introduction for everyone else. Now as a formal member of the clan, he rarely visits the lair, preferring to remain in the wilds with the Wildclaw band, sleeping in the outposts or in the open.

Clan Role Edit

Like the rest of Iuile's band, Cathair's main role in the clan at large is hunting, helping to keep the lair stocked in the large amounts of meat required for a largely meat-eating kingdom. Within the hunting band, his main skill is in tactics and strategy; though Iuile leads the band with a natural born expertise, the plans they execute are primarily of Cathair's devising. He has a gift for predicting the actions of their prey, and with his skill added to their company, they have greatly increased the success of their hunts. While his hunt plans are primarily designed for four, he also has alternate versions with a fifth actor: Cennetig, the Red Kingdom's other primary hunter, occasionally joins the band on their hunts.

Personality Edit

As could be inferred by his tactical skill, Cathair is a methodical and meticulous thinker, with a natural patience that well outstrips that of his partners. Like all skilled generals, he is adaptable and innovative, always striving to improve his skills, perfect his stratagems, and capture prey in the most efficient way possible. While nowhere near as quiet as Ailbhe, he does tend more towards reserve than either of the two female Wildclaws in the band; he also, more than any of his partners, has something of an independent streak. While he loves them deeply and is fully devoted to their family and clan, his attachments are built more on extensive thought than intense intuitions—and his methods, likewise, are driven more by logic than instinct. While Iuile is unquestionably in command, as the band's tactician he holds his own with her on a nearly equal level, and likes it that way.

Relationships Edit

  • Iuile: Partner, lover, and colleague.
  • Ailbhe: Partner, lover, and colleague.
  • Saoirse: Partner, lover, and colleague.
  • Cennetig: Clan hunter and a colleague.

Cathair is bisexual.

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