The Blood Hunter of the Red Kingdom.

Background Edit

Cennetig was one of the earliest arrivals to the Red Kingdom, joining up with the clan when it was still a scattered band of a handful of refugees. For the first several days he barely spoke to anyone, and even once he did start talking he kept to himself, but he relentlessly kept pace with the travelling group as it picked up steam, and brought down the bulk of the meat needed to feed the growing clan. Where he had learned his skills, or what had happened to his pack, he would not say.

Since the formal establishment of the Red Kingdom, Cennetig has stayed on, though he has always seemed rather more distant than many of his clanmates—especially since Raghnailt and Niall, his two partners, both felt the call to the Plaguebringer's service and regretfully left him behind. Lately, despite his hesitance to commit his affections again, he has been allowing courtship from Bronach, and has tentatively accepted her offer to be his mate.

Clan Role Edit

Cennetig's main role in the clan remains to this day supplying a substantial portion of the Red Kingdom's meat reserves. He is often gone from the lair for days or weeks at a time, tracking big game or thinning out the local herds. Occasionally his path intersects with the Wildclaw hunting pack led by Iuile, and he is known to hunt with them at times, but he primarily prefers his solitude and works more efficiently alone. Though not classed among the soldiers, his prowess in the field makes him a capable fighter, and he serves as a warrior in times of dire need under the command of Eithne.

Personality Edit

Taciturn and solitary by nature, Cennetig does his best to avoid large groups, as his tolerance for socializing is low and he feels uncomfortable with too much attention on him. He has a hunter's drive and a killer instinct, with violent urges that occasionally frighten him; for the safety of those around him, he prefers to keep others at a distance both physically and metaphorically. He does show affection in his own way—for example, he shares Eithne's morbid fascinations and often brings her small pieces for her collection—but he is always careful, wary of slipping and not entirely trusting himself. He has been decidedly cautious around Bronach, not understanding why she doesn't fear him, but has been opening up slowly as she demonstrates that lack.

Relationships Edit

  • Bronach: Partner and lover.
  • Eithne: Clan scout, and a friend.
  • Cathair: Clan hunter, and a colleague.
  • Iuile: Clan hunter, and a colleague.
  • Ailbhe: Clan hunter, and a colleague.
  • Saoirse: Clan hunter, and a colleague.
  • Eabha: Clan shepherd and a friend.

Cennetig is bisexual.

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