WIP - came to clan because he likes creating things and felt his abilities weren't appreciated in his home flight, appreciates the freedom to explore and build that he gets in the Clan of the Morning Star, found his life-mate in Avia and stays by her side, helps her care for the robotic familiars, secretly sick (only Avia, Gilded and Laela know the extent of his illness)


WIP - kind, quiet, prefers to keep to himself, dislikes the reputation most Plague dragons have of being destructive, can come off as a bit short-tempered and abrupt, cares deeply for Avia and Gilded, believes in bettering the world by making life easier for others


WIP - not as long as an average Pearlcatcher, large wingspan, fairly strong, keeps his mane and beard short, very nimble hands, short front claws so they don't get in the way, wears bandages to cover signs of his disease (may be getting a custom accent), slowly going blind so he is always wearing goggles which help compensate for his loss of eyesight


WIP - very good with his hands, inventive, clever, good at coming up with solutions to problems and creating new things, has a great understanding of how things work, quick thinker, very patient


  • Cephissus hatched on April 18, 2014
  • His illness causes his scales to slough off in regular intervals, so he often finds moving to be very painful
  • Ceph loves Avia dearly but when it became clear that his illness was progressing to the point of being a danger to her and their potential hatchlings, he insisted she find a new mate; Ceph is quite pleased with Avia's choice of Gilded
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