Background Edit

WIP - came to clan while on her Search, felt a pull to Princess and Hallow but soon came to realize neither of them is her Charge, sticks around because she has a feeling her Charge is somehow related to the two

Personality Edit

WIP - calm, protective, wry scene of humor, a little sad, hasn't found her Charge yet and therefore feels a bit like a failure but tries not to let that show, helps keep the others in the Shooting Stars in check

Appearance Edit

WIP - huge in comparisson to everyone else but lighter than an average Guardian, wears armor as more of an intimidation tactic than as protection (it makes her seem even bigger), purple tail bow was a gift from Princess that Ceri wears proudly

Abilities Edit

WIP - can take multiple hits and keep on coming, average speed but she makes up for it with pure power, prefers not to be involved in battles but can end them pretty quickly if necessary, a good foil to Hallow - she's always in control of herself and can usually talk him down

The Shooting Stars Edit

WIP - explanation of the group will go here (how they started, what they do, etc)

Trivia Edit

  • Ceridwyn hatched on September 16, 2015, making her the youngest member of the Shooting Stars
  • Her Charge is actually Spirit, though the two have yet to meet - Ceri protects Princess and Hallow because part of her knows that it's through them that she will meet her Charge
  • Ceridwyn is the largest dragon in the entire clan
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