Charene is, together with her older sister Liesel and their friend Shantal, one of the Order's veteran warriors. She was born into the Order, her parents have been exalted.

Background Edit

"Ah, but what's the fun in a plan? We've gotten along just fine without one before!"

Do not mistake the spring in her step and light in her eyes for inexperience, for weakness.

She's beaten warriors twice her size and strength in combat before, using her speed and agility to strike and leap back before they can even lay a claw on her.

They make for an unstoppable team, she and her sister. But where her sister plans and sizes up, she takes risks, leaping into fights without a single misgiving.

Take care. She strikes hard, and she only ever needs to strike once.

Trivia Edit

  • Underbelly was replaced with Scales, Eye Spots will be replaced as well

Credits Edit

  • Background was written by Shanncrafter (#84422)

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