Back Ground Edit

Born during a vicious thunderstorm his parents named him Charge as he fearlessly wandered about in the wind and rain. Not even getting rolled around dampened his exploration. It confused them, why would such a young hatchling gayly wander about when the rest of his clutch hid away against their mother.

The clan shaman saw his future lay in harsh climates and towering mountains, why fear what you will call home? So he continued to march out whenever a storm rattled the trees above and rain pelted the ground, for he was training to travel the world for his Charge.

When he had grown to be a grand size his parents asked for him to journey to the Gladekeeper, to ask for her blessing and wisdom for his journey ahead. They wanted their fearlessly boy not to wander aimlessly, only following his instincts. He reluctantly agreed, setting out into the Forest once his bags were packed. He wandered for what felt like years, weaving and biting his way through the dense undergrowth. The only way he knew he was going the right way was thanks to his magic,he felt the draw as it brought him to the center of the endless Forest. Before him stood the enormous Tree, making the Guardian feel like a Fae before a great Imperial. He frowned then as where could he go but up. Tentatively he spread his wings but as he did the brush shuddered and a massive blast of wind sent debris showering at him, his head felt fuzzy and he bowed below the magic forces.

You are either very brave or very foolish to tread through my forests without a guide little one. But I see you wish for guidance for the journey your species embarks on. Sad to see you leave my domain, you are such a courageous fighter. But I see that your Charge is where your heart belongs. Very well, I will point you towards your destination. Beyond my forests and far across the sea lies the land of Ice. Your Electric Queen awaits for you there, in a glade blessed by my and the Lightweaver for we see great potential in the fledgling clan. Go before the sun raises, for the land is a sight to behold. Do great things my little sapling, now go forth.

Charge awoke on the skirts of the Forest, night lit up the sky with a blanket of stars as the sea lipped lazily at the cliffs. He shakily stood up, gazing back at the great Tree that he had only just been to. He gives the deity a respectful bow before stretching his wings and taking off to the land of ice and snow.

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