History Edit

After Chavi flew past a particular spot, where Nainsi liked to rest away from his previous pack, he instantaneously took a liking to her. He'd been hunting with his previous group for a long time and nothing interesting ever happened. He forced his way into Chavi's heart with his persistent nature. She might have been prejudice towards him because of his colours, but she soon realised colours aren't what mattered most on a dragon. Keelta, Niruth and Kami were flying around, sightseeing Arcane territory when they came upon the couple. They started talking and decided to join them, so the clan began to form. Brand, Idevi and Tryst soon flew as they knew the others from before. Soon more and more dragons started joining the pack from random encounters or nests. Even though Chavi doesn't like proclaiming herself as the leader (Contrary to her bone crown) Everyone sees her as one. Even though Keelta's the one that oversees daily clan activities, she still asks Chavi for bigger decisions.

Clan members Edit

  • Chavi (Clan Leader, Mage)
  • Nainsi (Main offence fighter)
  • Keelta (Manager)
  • Kami (Defence fighter and Co-Hatchery guard)
  • Niruth (Scavanger)
  • Leelan (Part time fighter, Fisher)
  • Praell (Treasurer)
  • Colrath (Hoard manager)
  • Idevi (Hunter)
  • Raider (Cleaner, Helper)
  • Estos (Hunter, Night guard)
  • Cupreous (Hatchery guard, Teacher)-on vacation
  • Tryst (Teacher)
  • Brand (Librarian)- Went to study at the Arcanists library
  • Vany (Lair designer, Interpreter)
  • Mareth (Trader-selling mostly-AH and Trading post)  Helps the arcanist
  • Ilke (Caravan guard)
  • Eirys (Forager)
  • Orykel (Oracle)
  • Yvianne (Dancer) 
  • Arieny (Chef) 
  • Banys 
  • Coil (Tinkerer)
  • Hex (Inventor)
  • Zepheroth (Invention tester)
  • Denyth (Insect Catcher)
  • Feriya (Digger)
  • Senet (Trader-buying mostly-MP)
  • Umbriferous (Alchemist)
  • Malek (Assassin)
  • Hellren (Beast tender)
  • Worrel 
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