Biography Edit

Chimes is a compassionate soul bent on learning about this universe and teaching others what she comes across. She is very fond of all life and has practically transformed what was a dragon lair into a sort of zoo with the amount of familiars she eagerly takes under her care. As an idealist, she requires freedom to believe and live life on her own terms in order to be happy. Her former home did not afford such. There, she was frequently chastised and ridiculed for desiring to know the why's of the world. There, she was also made well-aware of stereotyped "disadvantages" of her breed, that all tundras were scatterbrained and that she could never set out to carve a better life for herself (let alone lead).

Fortunately, she has since proved her ex-clanmates wrong. She has founded her own clan in the Arcane region under her new name "Chimes"*-- a title closely tied with a longtime vision of an enchanted Belfry for which her lair is named and has brought to fruition. Here, she continues to be the clan's respected leader and is closely involved with designing any new buildings. However, she is now assisted by her husband Vernon and other clanmates. She leads the Starlit Belfry clan with the aid of the Council.

Chimes' approximate architectural styles fall somewhere between art nouveau and provincial revivalism (storybook). Her allegiance is first and foremost to the Arcanist but she also has strong Light sympathies and after that holds the Gladekeeper in high esteem.

*It should be noted that Chimes did not start life over lightly, she literally cut a deal with a god to be reborn as her current element, Arcane. She's a blithe spirit and an understanding figure but is also one you should not doubt, lest she prove you very wrong.

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