The Lorekeeper of the Red Kingdom.

Background Edit

Cianan has been with the clan since its inception, part of the original collection of refugees collected up by Ruaidhri and Grainne. A scholar even then, his knowledge of history helped the new king to navigate the early days of the kingdom before the more politically minded cadre of current advisors took over. Cianan retired gratefully to the library, where he has spent most of his time since. There he occupies himself with research, writing, and maintaining the books the clan collects.

Though he did not join the Red Kingdom with partners, he met Sadbh and Eimhin before the clan had found its eventual lair, and the three of them developed a very close relationship. They formalized their status as mates shortly after the lair was settled, and remain a happy—if unconventional—family to this day.

Clan Role Edit

As the first scholar to settle into the library, Cianan serves as something of an unofficial librarian, and is often the main point of contact for first time visitors. He makes his office in the main part of the library, spending his time in curating the books, researching, and making records of the clan's experiences. He is particularly interested in the study of mythological history, and his records typically reflect that.

Personality Edit

A stereotypical scholar, Cianan is the sort who often has to be reminded to eat, sleep, and occasionally emerge from study to socialize with his clanmates. Even when absorbed in his work, he can be distractible, flitting between one subject and another as something catches his interest and he opens a new book to cross-reference it; in conversation, he is prone to drift off on tangents, most of which are incomprehensible to the majority of his clan. He is more observant than he seems, though, and remains at least somewhat grounded thanks to the amused—and occasionally exasperated—affections of his partners.

Relationships Edit

  • Sadbh: Partner and lover.
  • Eimhin: Partner and lover.
  • Saraid: Clan advisor and a colleague.
  • Seaghdha: Clan illuminator and a colleague.
  • Bronach: Clan bard and a colleague.
  • Oscar: Clan priest and a collaborator.

Cianan is bisexual.

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