The Alchemical Heir of the Red Kingdom.

Background Edit

Ciara was "born" from Conlaed's alchemical cauldron as the unintended result of an experiment with the newly discovered Bogsneak mutagen. Their arrival caused quite a stir in the labs: they burst from the cauldron and scrambled off in a burst of still-slimy energy, knocking over other experiments and overturning delicate instruments. The noise, as Conlaed and Enna attempted to contain the escalating disaster, was enough that most of the rest of the clan eventually came running—and thus was Ciara's ignominious introduction to the Red Kingdom.

Conlaed took charge of the new arrival while the leadership of the clan tried to figure out what to do with them. The arrival of Nekane to the council chambers decided them: Ciara had been born on an auspicious day, and would grow into great power that even now is barely understood. They were to stay. And so they grew up in the alchemists' lab, always underfoot, with Enna as their peer while Conlaed chased after them both. When they reached adulthood and were formally named as Ruaidhri and Eimhear's heir, their first act was to ask Enna to be their future consort, an honour he accepted with joy.

Clan Role Edit

As the heir to the Red Kingdom, Ciara has both considerable responsibilities and a good deal of leeway. They do not have a formal role in the function of the clan as yet; instead, their duty is considered to be improving their education and political acumen so as to eventually be able to take over the ruling of the clan. Their lessons are only partly formalized, with mornings spent in tutelage with Ruaidhri, Eimhear, Conlaed, Nekane, or the clan's other political advisors and scholars, and their afternoons spent working alongside whatever members of the clan have worthwhile projects for them, getting to know their future subjects and the duties and rhythms of their lives.

Personality Edit

Ciara's unusual origins and their still-growing, only partially understood alchemical powers have left them with an odd sense of self and a fluid, mutable nature. Though they always seem very certain of being themselves, that self seems liable to change by the day, the hour, or even the minute. They can easily spend a morning in mischief and trouble, only to abruptly become overwhelmed by noise and sequester themselves away in the darkest, quietest corner they can find. They are a dedicated student of their clan, a passionate alchemist, and an inveterate prankster, and they love their mate and family joyously and wholly—but how they approach or present any of those essential truths is always in flux.

Relationships Edit

  • Enna: Partner, lover, and future consort.
  • Conlaed: Adoptive father and alchemical master.
  • Aifric: Conlaed's partner and adoptive mother.
  • Eithne: Conlaed and Aifric's lover and Enna's mother.
  • Eimhin: Conlaed, Aifric, and Eithne's lover and an adoptive uncle.
  • Ruaidhri: Respected king and father figure.
  • Eimhear: Respected queen and mother figure.
  • Aine: Clan flower-keeper and a friend.

Ciara is bisexual.

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