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Ciara previously lived in a hidden village in the shadows of Tangled Wood. She was just a young dragon then of the Veda clan. The leaders of the Veda clan one day decided to send their offspring to search of a worthy dragon to lead a clan and Ciara was chosen by one of them (an unnamed guardian back then). The unnamed guardian, now an adviser to Ciara, CrimsonBlanche, taught her the lore of Sornieth and guided her to become a great leader of her future clan.

Now Ciara is successfully the leader of 74 dragons in the Skies of Ember clan. Ciara basically foresees what's going around her clanhome and makes good decisions with the help of her advisors and elders. She also helps train other hatchlings with the clan's main warriors.

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She's a kind and firm leader but you don't want to cross her if she's in a bad mood.

In her pasttime, the matriarch is suprisingly a prankster and loves seeing her clanmates be victims of her tricks

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