The Netmaker of the Red Kingdom.

Background Edit

Originally an adventurer who had travelled all over the world, Ciardha came to the Red Kingdom as a visitor making just another stop along his wandering route. He had initially been intending to stay only a short time, but on the third day of his visit he met Liadan. Though initially wary of her owing to the common Coatl superstition surrounding pale plumage, he soon found himself fascinated by her, and set to learning the clan's sign language. While courting her, before he could properly speak to her, he would communicate by wrapping his tail around hers and letting her feel the vibrations of his voice.

The pair of them settled in happily with the clan and soon started a family. Their son, Ronan, soon took a mate, and Neasa likewise became part of the family; with the birth of their son Cillian, Ciardha became known as the patriarch of the fishers' family. When his mate was eventually called up to the Plaguebringer's service, he elected to stay to watch over the younger generations and support his clan.

Clan Role Edit

Ciardha's trade is in making nets, and it is in this capacity that he makes himself useful in the Red Kingdom. The river that winds through the clan's territory is crisscrossed with a complex system of fishing nets, traps, and seaweed farms; the majority of them are of Ciardha's construction, with contributions from first Liadan and then their son Ronan, who has now taken up his mother's mantle as the main fisher of the clan.

Personality Edit

Ciardha is friendly and family-oriented, taking great pride in the accomplishments of his descendants and considering it his duty as their remaining progenitor to protect, guide, and teach them. He is a patient and dedicated worker with a quiet voice and a gentle manner; despite his adventurous, he has never been restless or reckless—merely a traveller delighted with experiencing all life has to offer. He approached his relationship with Liadan and the family they raised as another of many adventures, and expects to eventually carry on his journey by entering the Plaguebringer's service.

Relationships Edit

  • Ronan: Beloved son, colleague, and family.
  • Neasa: Ronan's partner, and family.
  • Cillian: Beloved grandson, and family.
  • Alastriona: Cillian's partner, and family.
  • Nuala: Fishing mimic and a collaborator.

Ciardha is bisexual.

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