The Jeweller of the Red Kingdom.

Background Edit

Cillian was born into the Red Kingdom, the third generation in a lineage of Coatls dating back to the early days of the clan's establishment. In his youth, he primarily assisted in the family business: his grandfather, Ciardha, is a maker of nets, and his grandmother, Liadan, was an accomplished fisher before she felt the call to the Plaguebringer's service. His father, Ronan, has carried on Liadan's legacy, and it was expected by everyone—including himself—that Cillian would one day take up that mantle.

That changed with the arrival of Alastriona, a dancer from a rare friendly Nature clan. Beautiful, charming, and elegant, she fascinated Cillian, and he set about courting her with an uncommon will. Wanting to present her with gifts he considered worthy of her beauty, he began weaving wire and gemstones into graceful pieces of jewellery—and discovered to his surprise that not only was he talented at it, he enjoyed the work for its own sake. Once Alastriona agreed to be his mate, he set about expanding his skills, and swiftly rose to prominence as one of the clan's premier artisans.

Clan Role Edit

Cillian's role in the clan consists almost entirely of creating jewellery, either to be worn by members of the Red Kingdom or presented as gifts to their allies—in the case of the very best pieces—or sold to finance the clan's other significant purchases—in the case of the majority of what he makes. In addition to outfitting his mate, he also works closely with the diplomatic corps of the kingdom, particularly Aislin, ensuring that they are turned out to their best possible effect when representing the clan. He is also responsible for the creation of the bone crowns worn by the rulers, their consorts, and the heir, which proclaim the Red Kingdom's authority in the region.

Personality Edit

Cillian's greatest asset is his focus: when he sets his mind to a task, no matter how difficult or meticulous, he will see it done before he gives up. While he is naturally talented as a jewellery artist, the greater degree of his skills come not from innate ability but from dedicated practice and hard work: he's not a genius, but he has follow-through in spades, which is even better. He has a quiet, understated sense of humour and can often come across as wry, but his relationship with Alastriona demonstrates amply that he's also a thorough romantic. He is wholly enamoured with her, and she serves him as his muse and greatest inspiration as well as his partner.

Relationships Edit

  • Alastriona: Partner and lover.
  • Ronan: Father, and family.
  • Neasa: Mother, and family.
  • Ciardha: Grandfather, and family.
  • Aislin: Clan ambassador and client.
  • Aodh: Clan flametender and a collaborator.
  • Bairre: Clan merchant and a collaborator.

Cillian is bisexual.

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