The Storyteller of the Red Kingdom.

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Cinaed was an early arrival to the Red Kingdom, joining the clan along with his partners Isibeal, Ailill, and Laoise when it was still a collection of refugees seeking a home. He was the last member to join their family, having met the triad in the Scarred Wasteland after they had left—or lost—their clans of origin; for his part, Cinaed had been living on his own since he was a child, and does not know what happened to his birth clan. He was happy to join up with the others, and happier to complete their family as a fourth partner. The group is extremely close-knit, looking to Isibeal as their unofficial leader, though Cinaed is the oldest of the four.

Initially slightly hesitant about taking his place among a larger clan, Cinaed has found he fits in well among his clanmates, particularly with those who like to listen to his stories. Originally meant only to distract and reassure the younger members of the clan while they travelled in search of a home, his storytelling soon developed into a full-blown art; when the clan established itself officially as the Red Kingdom, he became their first recognized entertainer.

Clan Role Edit

As the clan's storyteller, Cinaed's days are spent primarily in collecting and refining materials for the stories he tells in the evenings. While many of his stories involve a lesson, allegory, or thought-provoking issue, many are simply meant to entertain; while some of his stories are intended primarily for the amusement of the hatchlings, others have adults as their primary audience, and can be complex tales that unfold over the course of weeks or months in multi-part epics. In some ways he serves as an assistant caretaker and teacher for the clan's young, alongside Laoise, spinning stories for the hatchlings to keep them under control, help them to sleep, or educate them. He also serves as something of a foil to the rulers and their aides, using his stories to make veiled political commentary and gently criticize decisions he disapproves of.

Personality Edit

The oldest, wisest, and gentlest of his family, Cinaed is a born storyteller with a vibrant imagination and an excellent sense of humour. Fundamentally optimistic at heart despite the difficulties of his childhood, there is very little he can't find a bright side to, even if it's a quiet or subdued one. While he has many opinions, most of them strongly held, he prefers to express his beliefs in the tales he tells rather than stating them outright. Talking with him can in many ways be an exercise in subtlety, which is the way he likes it: what he wants more than anything else is to provoke thought in his listeners. He has a large protective streak, particularly towards children but also towards his partners; the group often sleeps with him curled around them to defend them from the outside world, a remnant of their time travelling alone.

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Cinaed is bisexual.

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