Blessed by the Arcanist from a young age, Circei holds an immense amount of magical power. Floating down from the Observatory itself, she gazed upon Clan Asterope with distaste for their apathy. The otherworldly spirits within her writhed an rose to the surface, manifesting upon her skin as gems of Arcane pride. Her deep and compelling voice drew the clan towards her, and she inspired a mystical fire within them so powerful that they could not resist her strength.

Her flight's chronological elements, coupled with her formidable talents, allow Circei to see beyond the plane of the present. Ganymede and Castelia defer to her superior knowledge and magic, letting her take her rightful place as witch queen.

She amuses herself by experimenting and pushing the limits of her powers, often giving guidance to other mages in the process. Circei has a penchant for transforming her enemies into lesser creatures, an intimidating practice that keeps other clans wary.

Under her careful guidance, Clan Asterope's bonds hold tighter than ever. As their purpose remains a mystery to those outside the Starfall Isles, outsiders dare not cross them.

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