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The Benzaiten Enclave (formerly Clan Benzaiten) is an organized Light clan formerly of the Arcane flight. The Enclave is currently led by Deacon Galene Vogel-Benzaiten and her consults; it was founded by Cardinals Mardic and Gwena when fleeing the famine of Clan Pyrrha.


Rise and Fall of Clan Pyrrha[]

Clan Benzaiten's Beginning[]

Clan Benzaiten was formed by Mardic and Gwena when Clan Pyrrha became too large due to the intaking or new members (orphaned hatchlings, in particular) and went into a period of famine.

The Clan Under Cadi[]


Clan Rankings[]

The roles of the clan are broken in three Classes: Leadership, Mid-Government, and Work. Each Class

Leadership Classes[]


Leader of the Clan- oversees and manages all significant ongoings in Clan, such as hunting, gathering, and clan defenses; approves or denies all assignments made by the Arbiter.


Next in line for the position of Deacon- reports to the Deacon about the ongoings of the Clan and enforces their orders. May be a source of advice for the Deacon.


Assigns dragons to a class of work and a teacher based upon their skillset and personality; all decisions made must be brought to the Deacon before being made official.



Work Classes[]


The "fighter" class of the



Clan Members[]


  • Galene Vogel-Benzaiten (deacon)
  • Mel (arbiter, consult)
  • Homer Zhou-Vogel (athenaeum's warden, historian, consult)
  • Saga (ambassador to the dead, consult)
  • Talcott
  • Thalassa (mage)
  • Proteus (spymaster)
  • Calliope (vocalist)
  • Rose Eisold (healer)
  • Ross Eisold
  • Florinia (hatchery master)
  • Lenora (head of artisan's guild)


  • Mardic (deacon)
  • Gwena (deacon)
  • Cadi (cardinal)
  • Nafisa (arbiter)
  • Zikel (caliginous paladin)
  • Easar (luminous paladin)


Clan Family Tree[]

Fam tree.png