[hyoon] ajd. felled and roughly shaped, given a rough surface. v. to sever (a part) from a whole, to uphold, follow closely, or conform to.

The Hewn Cathedral Edit

It is not uncommon for buildings to rise tall from the swirling dusk and shade that permeates the Hewn City. While much of the city is rubble and destruction, there are still many buildings that still stand, offering home to dragon, beastclan, and Shade alike.

The Cathedral is one such building, made of thick stone and heavy glass, metal weaving between the two like vines. While once the outside was gleaming and bright, tan-white enough to reflect the Lightweaver's glory, now the building is abandoned and forsaken. The outside is ashen and dark, a murky color more befitting the Shadowbinder's pools than anything claiming to be light. The windows are dirtied, cracked, and exposed beams and eaves groan softly in the night air. The Shade reaches for this building, greedily, trying to claim every ounce of the Gods' footholds they can.

But, inside, the place is still sacred. The Lightweaver has not forgotten about her pinprick-buildings, the handful of places that worshiped her once. The place is still hallowed, and candles within burn brightly against polished tile floor. It is peaceful, inside, despite the turbulence and war that threatens just steps away.

Clan MembersEdit


Name Position
Oblivion Patriarch
Rua Patriarch
Ratri Spirit
Foxglove Priestess
Alaijah Guard
Akebia Jewelcrafter
Tarovir Caretaker
Scarlet Entertainer
Zevran Assassin
Shade Mentor
Euphorium Historian
Hibiki Seer
LanternOmlette Nest-tender
Soh Druid
Lai Seer


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Out of CharacterEdit

  • Joined Shadow 14 June, 2013
  • Joined Lightning 26, October 2013
  • Joined Arcane 26, December 2014
  • Joined Light 10 April, 2016
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