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You're passing though the Starwood Strand, trying to head back to your clan or you're heading out to your favorite hunting spot, when a female Pearlcatcher grabs your eye. You try to sneak over to where she is but a stick snaps in half under you causing the Pearlcatcher to hear you and run deeper into the woods. You break into a run trying to keep up with her, but suddenly stop when you see where you are. In your haste to follow the Pearlcatcher you ran right into one of the many clans that inhabit Crystalspine Reaches. This clan seemed to be just a gang of misfits, and the Pearlcatcher is no where to be seen, but that doesn't matter now. What does is the huge Imperial, running over to you.

Background Edit

Clan Hiraeth (or just Hiraeth) was founded by Crisiux, the clan's leader and Xcalibar, her mate when they first met in the Crystalspine Reaches. There clan grew as more and more dragons just wandered in from their old clan (that they hatched from). Only a few dragons who were born from the clan stay with it, most of them leave trying to find a clan for themselves. After a while the clan decided they needed a name, they pick Hiraeth because all the dragon they have a home that they miss but will never be able to return to.

Clan Dragons Edit

Lore: Edit

  • Crisiux (Leader)
  • Xcalibar (Second in Command)
  • Ironspine (Hunter)
  • Rivalen (Takes care of hatchlings)
  • Dreamsickle (Alchemist)
  • Alpha (Other second in command)
  • Kephalos (Trader/Hoard manger)
  • Zyanya (Traveler)
  • Haunted (Main Rep)
  • Eon (Healer)
  • Joline (Scribe)
  • Dtsirte (Also takes care of hatchlings)
  • Asera (Guard/Col)
  • Wake ('mage')
  • Vaedren (Ice/Wind Rep)
  • Arian (Apprentice to Dreamsickle)
  • Kiril (Earth Rep)
  • Clarinet (Artist)
  • Sorella (Light Rep)
  • Cypress (Nature Rep)
  • Shir (Apprentice to Joline)

Other: Edit

  • Asopus
  • Memer
  • Mererid
  • Aubay

Holding: Edit

  • Ymir
  • Ahern
  • Dmitri
  • Etory
  • Emeryk
  • Bulbasaur
  • Wisp

Alliances and Important Events Edit

Hiraeth has been alliances with Clan of Dovahkiin ever since it was founded, helping them from supplying them with food to even holding some of there own as they will hopefully do the same.

Other Edit

Hiraeth means A homesickness for a home to which you cannot return, a home which maybe never was; the nostalgia, the yearning, the grief for the lost places of your past.

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