Clan Ignis is a Fire aligned settlement from the Scarred Wasteland in Earth Flight. It is currently led by a female Wildclaw named Valkyrie; a former Arena fighter who rebelled and overthrew the establishment, turning it into a home for those without anything.

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  • A vast majority of the Clan's members are either illiterate or are unable to speak Draconic properly.
  • Most of the older dragons remain some type of fighter due to their past. Most of the younger members of Clan Ignis, however, broadened their opportunities to fill in more roles that the Clan needed.


  • The emblem was commissioned from Pocketss (#315941) and based on Valkyrie's colours.
  • A majority of the names found in Clan Ignis Dragons are of Old Norse Origin. Name meanings will always be listed at the end of a character's page.
  • Clan Ignis was founded on May 18th 2015.
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