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Clan La Lune unofficially began shortly after the meeting of the two reigning leaders, Epsilon and Omega, but did not officially become a clan until having nearly tripled in size. Epsilon, Omega, Rache, Witchhazel, Escape, Valkyrie, and Easter were the founding memebers, having decided on a name while trying to find shelter by moonllight. Not long after this, an old friend from her home clan found Rache and convinced her to leave La Lune in favour of going home. As Rache was leaving, several new dragons looking for shelter entered into La Lune territory. In hopes of expanding the clan, Epsilon made the desicion to offer citizenship to Nova and Nebula, the dragons in question.

Though a a group they supported this desicion, It was hard for the remaining founding members to blindly listen to Epsilon without questioning her word. In an effort to pacify her clanmates, Epsilon and Omega came up with the idea of a council made of them, the founding members, and any outstnading dragons that join in the future. Clan duties can be divied up through it, dragons seeking citizenship can apply to it, and best of all, no one dragon has complete control. Although some, particularily Escape, were not fond of the idea ("Too much work, I think. Just let the fae be leader, and then we can depose her if we don't like her"), the council was created anyways.

Through many season, Clan La Lune continued to grow, and the citizens of the clan grew to nearly 50 in number. The council has grown slightly, now supporting 7 dragons who come together to make important desicions. For the larger populace that doesn't have a place on the council, a section of time is set aside for them to come and present their grievances to the council. Other things have changed over time as well, interactions with other clans have increased, the number of strange dragons living within clan borders has increased, and most certainly, the amount of weird shit that happens at Clan La Lune has definitly increased.

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The council is currently made up of Epsilon, Omega, Witchhazel, Escape, Valkyrie, Hiberna, Otora, Rox, and Isken. They meet every few days and give plenty of notice to the regular inhabitants of La Lune, so that all who wish to attend can. In the heart of the tunnel system that holds most of La Lune's inhabitants, the councilroom and it's guard lie in wait.

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