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“Every one hundred years on the brightest night of Sornieth, a dragon so powerful in their abilities of magic is born. Strong and agile both physically and mentally, when trained properly these dragons can become unstoppable with their powers. If used for evil against the betterment of Dragon-Kind, even one of these dragons alone can wreak havoc on the dragons and their home. They can change their forms and appearance, some even becoming creatures this world has not yet seen or turn into our gods, to disguise themselves. They are unstoppable creatures with a thirst for blood and destruction.

Legend says, that if two of these dragons were to be born on the same night, they would be drawn together by instinct and by fate to grow their race. Their offspring would never be able to achieve the same power as the Natural-Born, however, would exceed that of an ordinary Lyren, Combined as a race, however, with strong, pure-blooded Lyrens they could overpower the Flights of Sornieth.

Lyren blood will always run true, so these dragons will be powerful still. However their ability to shapeshift might be weakened.

However, it seems that that day has yet to come, as all remains at peace in Sornieth and there is no rumor of such beings existing.”


All the old texts and all the old scrolls all say the same; the Lyren race was wiped out from Sornieth after they attempted to kill the dieties and all those who weren't of Lyren blood. Yet, Clan Meridon and its leader, Clya, are living proof that this is not true. For Clya, and her mate, Kozane, are both Natural-Born Lyren and live together within Meridon. After the Golden War, the orginal Meridon was destroyed by the warriors of Sornieth and the gods themselves. Since then, Clya has spent every moment working to rebuild Meridon to its former glory as a race so spread out across Sornieth, while it can be crippled, can never truly be silenced.

The First Full Night- LY 0 Edit


The Oldest Plague/Blood Plague- LY 677 Edit


Foundation of Meridon- LY 4,478 Edit

Foundation of the orignal Meridon City

Foundation of the Elemental Armies- LY 6,100 Edit

foundation of the elemental armies

The Golden War- LY 8,304 Edit

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