Pronounced: Sia-ful-key-nah dwhy-klane

Translation: Starlight Shield

Overview Edit

"All may live here in peace and safety, however different or unusual you may be. We are protectors of the different, the outcasts. Protectors of Sornieth."

So they say, and so they do.

History Edit

This clan found it's origins in a small corner of the Sundial Terrace. Created by a guardian by the name of Snowflake along wioth her mate Sunstorm, it's raison d'être since day one has been to give a home to anyone a little bit different who finds themselves outcast or shunned from other clans. Those who - while not so different - had no safe home were also given shelter.

At some point a pearlcatcher called Jean came along. Intelligent, charismatic, and with a vision, she found herself in the position of leadership of the clan, with Snowflake taking the role of commander of the clan's guard instead. Not long after, the choice was made to move to the Territory of Arcane for a variety of reasons.

After a long journey and once accepted into the territory by the Arcanist, the clan made a home for it's self in a place called the Starlight Grove amongst the Starwood Strand. And there they have stayed, offering shelter to those who need it and looking to protect all they can.

Recently, due to an expanding population and some incompatible residents, a secondary location was established at the Celestial Cleft in the Focal Point to house the extra dragons. Though still very much a part of the original Clan, it operates semi-independently under it's own ruler - Turquoise.

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