History Edit

The Starseeker Clan was first found by Arsenic, a traveler that got lost in the Starwood Strand in seek of perfect place to meditate and study the hidden powers of the space and realm. But what he asked was too far valuable and so result in him being lost, eventually he found himself losing memory of his previous clan and wanders into the Arcane territory and become one with the members.

Even so, he stayed right near the wood, building a small clan that also ends up just like him. Lost and without memory of their previous life. The clan leader didn’t build his clan by himself, with the help of a couple of dragon seeking him for help (in which he offered with a price), the three of them start to build the clan as time goes by. More members start to join their small clan, eventually leading to thirty-one main members with different race of dragons that works for their clan leader. The clan itself was hidden away from plain view for over four years since then.

The clan then reveal itself publicly after the years of living in solitude and with their own traditions, now to welcome and to help others Arcane clans. And to those who seeks help or want to study the clan’s tradition more. Arsenic, however, forbid the outsider to try and change the way their tradition is here. But to join the clan, one must sacrifice their memory and to become reborn again with fresh new memory by entering the Starwood Strand and meditate in there. Visitor, however, and guests, are free to come and go anytime. Mostly, the clan only accept Arcanites visitor than other flights, but with the diversity of the clan member have, Arsenic decided that not only Arcanists can visit them.

Arsenic choose to name the clan as The StarSeeker, for a reason that one must seek the star inside their spirit to first belong among the stars.

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