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The Clan of the Gods[]

Here we believe in knowledge and unity. We look after each other first, and other clans second. We’ve learned that not every dragon deserves a second chance. We fight for what we believe is right. We strive for the truth and books are held dear to our hearts. We also have an uncanny connection to the gods. Not only have we spoken to and are on good terms with the deities of Sornieth, particularly our great Goddess of Light, but we also have connection with gods from another world.


Seeking Clan[]

The founder of the clan was Nightbane, a mirror with a love for learning and a passion for acceptance. She was abandoned as a hatchling and would have died if the Lightweaver hadn’t found her.

The Lightweaver dropped the young Nightbane off at one of her many schools and there she was raised by some of the best Light scholars and philosophers in the world.

One of her favorite teachers was a mirror named Night and she became close to them. She looked up to them like a father, and they were the closest thing to a parent she had ever known.

She would always bother Night and everyone had started to call the hatchling Night’s bane because of it. The name stuck and the little orphaned hatchling was named Nightbane.

As she grew up she was an avid reader and learner. She was one of the most gifted students of the school. Her grades were nothing less than perfect. She was praised and awarded and graduated with straight As.

As an award for her hard work she was given her own land to start a clan in.

The only problem was she had no idea how to get dragons to join. All her life she had been too focused on schoolwork to socialize. She had no friends and was unsure how to interact with others.

Thankfully a tundra named Icetip was the first to join her clan. He and Nightbane had known each other for years and he was placed in the school for the same reason. But Nightbane never paid much attention to him and never bothered to get to know him despite his many attempts at speaking with her. Unlike Nightbane his poor memory made him fail at the school. He hadn’t even graduated and dropped out to join Nightbane’s clan instead.

Icetip had always wanted to be friends with Nightbane and he was excited to join her clan.

He had excellent charisma and his friendly nature attracted dragons to the clan.

Before Nightbane knew it dragons from all over were joining. They were dragons and hatchlings with nowhere else to go. All that they wanted was a home.

The clan’s purpose became clear to Nightbane then. This would be the clan of second chances, because every dragon deserved a second chance no matter what. What ever happened in the past didn’t matter in this clan. She wanted everyone to be accepted here. She wanted dragons to be given second chances just like she was given.

The clan was named Seeking Clan, because that’s what the clan did. They seeked dragons who needed homes.

The Civil War[]

Lampsi vs Theon.png

As the clan grew bigger and needed more land to support them, their relationships with Beastclans became weary. Nightbane wished to remain peaceful with them, but it was difficult as they needed the same resources as her clan.

Unknown to her she had already made war with the harpies. The land that she was given was actually a harpy nesting ground, and when she settled her clan on this land she had accidently killed the eggs that were hidden in nests. The harpies wanted revenge and their land back.

Meanwhile longnecks and centaurs argued over resources with Seeking Clan. They needed the clan’s territory to hunt in. Negotiations were made, but on shaky terms. Spies were moved into Seeking Clan to keep an eye on the dragons.

As the clan’s outside relations became unstable so did the inner clan.

Sapphiremoon was a hatchling who was hatched in the Scarred Wasteland and separated from her clan. She stumbled away to the edge of the territory where it was connected to the Sea of a Thousand Currents. There she had almost drowned. She was saved by a few Water dragons, but they didn’t wish to keep her.

They sensed a bad omen about her. Nightbane did not believe in such things and welcomed Sapphire into her clan.

She soon saw that this hatchling was very violent and had the disturbing ability to eat meat even though she was a skydancer.

She decided to make Sapphire her apprentice and to teach her the ways of Light. She tried to teach her that not everything had to be solved with violence.

But none of her teachings worked. Sapphire grew up to be a violent and unpleasant dragon. She wanted to return to her birth flight, but Nightbane would not let her.

Nightbane knew that Sapphire would not be able to survive the Wasteland. She had grown up in the Sunbeam Ruins and would have had no idea how to survive in such a harsh environment. Nightbane was also worried that her violence would be a danger to herself and others. She couldn’t let the skydancer leave the clan.

This caused Sapphire to become bitter and angry. She whined about how she was the prisoner of Seeking Clan to other dragons. Some sympathized with her and became her loyal followers.

These followers became known as Immunists. They supported Sapphiremoon and her violence. They agreed that it was wrong of Nightbane not to let her return to her true flight. Together they planned for Nightbane’s assassination.

Nightbane, oblivious to Sapphire’s plans bought some territory in the Hewn City to research and sent a small group of dragons there to study it.

It wasn’t long before a mysterious Shadow mirror named Shiningscourge made her appearance. She did not make herself known to Nightbane and she hid at the edge of the territory. She convinced some Seeking Clan members to follow her though lies and empty promises. They called themselves the Illuminists.

Some dragons thought she would give them protection. Others believed she could give them wealth. But the real reason Shining was there was to prevent Nightbane from uncovering secrets that should not be unearthed.

Both Shiningscourge and the Beastclans wanted to wait until Sapphiremoon made her move before they did anything. The Beastclans hoped that the clan would destroy themself and Shining hoped that it would give her the perfect opportunity to move in, take over, and destroy Nightbane’s research.

But Sapphire was caught in the middle of her scheming and she and her closest allies (Bloodmoon and Hywela) were imprisoned.

Nightbane grew paranoid at the betrayal of so many of her dragons. Even Night, the same dragon who raised her had betrayed her, and believed Sapphire would make the better leader (Although Night did think an assassination was a little extreme).

Dracula and Night broke Sapphiremoon and her allies out of the prison and murdered the Seeker (Seeker= A dragon loyal to Nightbane) guard, Shimmer.

All of the Immunists went into hiding and Nightbane’s paranoia grew worse. She doubted the loyalty of even those closest to her.

Finally, Sapphire had made her move and the result was a bloody battle. The Illuminists joined in the fight later, and they suffered little casualties and injuries.

Sapphiremoon had attacked Nightbane by herself. She was at a disadvantage. Nightbane was stronger and more skilled than Sapphire, and the skydancer would have lost if she hadn’t played dirty. She threatened Icetip’s life, making Nightbane helpless.

She thought that then she had won, but before Sapphire could even think, Shiningscourge had appeared and snapped her neck.

Meanwhile as Nightbane dealt with her battle, the prophecy of the exiled fae named Flare came true. She was adopted into the clan after the Oracles of Water Flight exiled her for her promise of a destructive prophecy. Nightbane, like with Sapphiremoon, didn’t believe them and let Flare join her clan.

But the prophecy came true and when she and her best friend, Whirlpool were met with life and death she erupted into a ball of flame. Her flames spread across the clan and chased dragons out of the tunnels. All fighting except for the battle between Shining and Nightbane were stopped.

Nightbane struggled with Shining. Both mirrors were evenly matched and neither could find an advantage over the other. Meanwhile, Icetip had passed out from smoke inhalation.

Who would have won is unknown because Nike, a blind mirror took over the fight. She attacked Shining and held the Shadow mirror off so Nightbane could fly Icetip to safety.

That day every member of the clan whether Seeker, Immunist, Illuminist or undecided watched their home burn down.

Nike fought against Shining with no sight. The heat from the flames made her heat vision useless, and the smoke clogged up her sense of smell. She had nothing but Shining's huffs and grunts, and the touch of her scales to guide her through the fight. But against all odds, Nike survived. She survived and broke the clan’s attention away from the fire.

She told the dragons that they needed to decide their loyalties. All dragons loyal to Nightbane were to follow her to the Beacon of the Radiant Eye, while all others were to stay behind with the burning clan and hope Shining would arise from the ash to lead them.

There the clan split in two.

Those loyal to Nightbane eventually settled in a large stone tower near the Beacon, which overlooked the ocean. The tower was used as a backup library of the Lightweaver’s and was filled with books. It was an honor to the Light dragons.

Nightbane stepped down from her role as leader and made Nike leader instead. She thought Nike with her quick thinking and leadership skills she showed during the battle would be able to lead the clan better than she ever could.

Nike decided that with a new leader and a new home that the clan needed a new purpose and name. The clan was no longer the home of second chances. They had learned the hard way that not every dragon deserved one.

The clan’s new purpose was to protect their own, continue their research and help other dragons to a certain extent. No more letting in violent dragons who cause more harm than good. She named the clan, Clan Ton Theon, the Clan of the Gods, because of the clan’s good relationship with the Lightweaver, and because there were currently three gods from another world living in their clan. It was also supposed to be an inside joke, because she used to believe she was a goddess.

Shiningscourge survived and founded Clan Lampsi.



Seekers are dragons who are loyal to Nightbane and her beliefs.

These dragons believe that knowledge is an important source of power that must be shared. They don't like unnecessary violence and believe that order and peace is the way to live. They want to help those who cannot help themselves and give second chances to even those who may not deserve it.

This term hasn't been used since the Civil War.



Illuminists are dragons loyal to Shiningscourge. They are against free knowledge and enlightenment. They claim that too much knowledge can destroy a dragon. That knowledge in the wrong claws is dangerous. That secrets should stay secrets. They are afraid of the secrets that could be unlocked in the Sunbeam Ruins and advises against trying to unlock them. They want these secrets, among other things to stay hidden forever.

Now an outdated concept. All Lampsi dragons consider themselves 'Illuminists"



Immunists are dragons loyal to Sapphiremoon and her beliefs.

They support her claim that she is being held prisoner in Seeking Clan and that Nightbane is not a good leader. They believe in the 'harsh reality'. That dragons cannot be babied or coddled. That dragons must learn to grow up and 'get over' their disabilities. They also believe that a dragon should be able to settle anywhere they choose no matter how dangerous.

This concept died with Sapphiremoon.

Lampsi War[]

A harpy prince named Nightjhar ran away from his flock. He didn’t enjoy a lifestyle of being pampered by the females and he had a great hatred for dragons. He wanted to help his people fight the dragons. He hated that the females were risking their lives while all he did was sit around and be spoiled all day. Nightjhar wanted to fight.

So he stole a spear and ran away.

He bumped into Muerto, a coatl dragon (who’s actually an alien god from another world) and attempted to kill him. 

But Nightjhar failed and broke his wing. Muerto took pity on the harpy and promised to bring him to Clan Ton Theon so he could be healed.

It took awhile for Nightjhar to trust Muerto, but through a crazy journey that involved crossing hostile territory the two bonded and became friends.

Once they had arrived at Clan Ton Theon Muerto took Nightjhar to the healer, Alaria.

Nightjhar’s trust was shaken when he discovered that this clan of dragons was the same clan that took over his flock’s old territory a couple years ago and killed the harpy eggs that were lain there.

Nightjhar’s egg was the only one that survived.

It was revealed that Nightbane was unaware that the land was previously owned by harpies. She only understood that the Lightweaver gave her the land as a reward. There were eggs that were found, but they were long dead before any dragon arrived.

It’s suspected that the Lightweaver killed the eggs, but not proven. Many dragons don’t want to prove it. They don’t want to think that their great goddess would kill innocent harpy eggs.

After Nightjhar was assured that the clan was not responsible for the death of his kin he wanted to help clear the misunderstanding between his flock and the dragon clan.

Nike decided to take over Clan Lampsi, the original territory of the clan and the territory that rightfully belonged to Nightjhar’s flock and give it to the harpy flock as a peace offering.

Nike’s plan failed.

Clan Lampsi was surrounded by an indestructible barrier, and no dragons could enter unless a guard let them in. The only dragon that would not have been recognized by the Lampsi dragons was one of the alien gods named Sepulchral.

Sepulchral agreed to become a spy and try to destroy the barrier from the inside.

After Sepulchral entered Lampsi, Nike and her dragons were ambushed by harpies. A dragon from an allied clan was slain by the harpies and Nightjhar was taken back by his kin. Nike was forced to retreat. 

Meanwhile as Nike was away another alien god entered the clan. His name was Naperone and he was bad news. He was Muerto’s brother and Muerto tried to warn the clan that he was dangerous. No one listened.

Later Naperone tried to kill Nike's daughter, but before he could Nike stopped him and kicked him out. She learned to listen to Muerto after that.

 Nightbane started to regret making Nike leader. Nightbane felt Nike had made unwise decision in regard to Lampsi and the harpies. The clan founder felt that Nike should have never interfered.

Back at Nightjhar’s flock Nightjhar was taken to the dungeons. He was to be executed for his crimes against his flock. He had ran away, learned to fight, befriended dragons and had even worn a mask. The flock even had a new prince to replace him with.

In Clan Lampsi Sepulchral learned how miserable life was there. The clan was facing a famine and he had nothing to eat.

He eventually learned that the clan’s barrier came from the magic of a coatl named Aureole who had been cursed and was currently stone.

Sep found that he could talk to Aureole even while she was in this form. He fell in love with her and eventually kissed her stone form which ‘broke’ the curse as well as the barrier.

However Aureole could have undid her curse the entire time. She had called upon her father who is a minor god of Sornieth. He lent Aureole his power upon the promise that she would kill Shiningscourge and take over Lampsi.

But she wasn’t powerful or brave enough to kill Shining. She knew her father would kill her if she didn’t, so she pretended to be a ‘damsel in distress’ to lure Sep to her. She wanted Sepulchral to protect her from her father.

Once the barrier was broken Shining discovered Sep was a spy from Ton Theon. She captured him and Aureole and sent a letter to Nike saying how she planned to execute Sepulchral in five days if Nike didn’t show her face in Lampsi.

So Nike arrived with some of her best warriors and fought with Shining.

A tundra named Future killed the dragon holding Sep hostage while Nike found Shining’s daughter and took her hostage.

Shining then threatened Aureole’s life. 

Sepulchral begged Nike to save Aureole, so Nike let Shining’s daughter go.

Shining let Aureole return to Sepulchral and she let the Ton Theon dragons escape.

Nike wanted to go to Nightjhar’s flock and save him too, but her warriors were too exhausted and injured from the battle had Lampsi. And Sepulchral was bleeding heavily. Nike chose to save Sepulchral instead of Nightjhar and led her dragons back home.

The Hewn City[]

Hewn City 2.png

The Hewn City Research Crew was created back when Nightbane was leader and the clan was called Seeking Clan. Nightbane had bought a small section of the Hewn City to research and she sent a team of skilled dragons to do it.

The team included June the fae, the leader of the expedition and an experienced archaeologist of the Sunbeam Ruins, Junio the skydancer, who was mated to June and was an expert in translating ancient languages, December the mirror, who was June and Junio's granddaughter and was great at exploring and made sure they left no stone undocumented, Earthquake an old snapper who used to be an anthropologist in Dragonhome, Night an old mirror who was skilled in many things such as map making and documenting items, and Fireworks, a ridgeback that was brought along as a guard.

The research team made stunning progress, and Nightbane couldn't have been more proud. June would often write letters back to the clan on updates.

But one day the letters stopped.

It was like the research team had disappeared off the planet. For a week there was no word from the research team. Nightbane would have sent a dragon to check on them, but that was when the clan's Civil War had happened. After the clan had settled into their new home and were renamed to Clan Ton Theon, Tonatiuh, the clan's courier was sent to check up on the team.

What he found was disturbing. The research team had all been infected by the Shade, and a couple of Shade Worshipers were controlling them. The Shade Worshipers nearly infected him too, but he got away and was able to report what had happened.

Nike was about to declare war with Lampsi, so she dismissed the research team as a lost cause.

It seemed like there would be no help for June and her crew and they remained brainwashed under the Shade Worshipers control for months.

Later, a pearlcatcher named Amaranthine was journeying from an allied clan in the Starfall Isles to live with Clan Ton Theon. But she took a wrong turn and ended up lost in the Hewn City. The Shade Worshipers found her and infected her too.

Luckily for Amaranthine and the research crew an imperial named Isra was exploring the Hewn City when he saw Amaranthine be infected. Isra felt the need to protect this pearlcatcher, so he allowed himself to be captured and infected by these dragons as well. He did not fear the Shade. He was the Demigod of Silence, and although the Shade goop infected his body, he knew it could not infect his mind.

Isra befriended Amaranthine and he recorded what happened to himself and the other dragons within the Hewn City in his journal. He watched the movements of the Shade Worshipers carefully, and tried to determine the best plan to save the dragons they had brainwashed under their control.

The Shade changed Isra's body. It caused thorns to sprout from his skin, and black liquid to leak from his mouth. His body grew weak, but his mind was still strong. However, he soon learned that Shade corruption was not all that the Shade Worshipers were doing. They had an even more sinister plan. Isra had noticed them gathering imperial corpses. He was in more danger than he had originally thought.

Two more dragons entered the Hewn City. One was Naperone, a god from another world, who willingly gave himself up to the Shade. He had hoped for power, instead his mind became putty to the Shade. The other was Match. He too was an alien god, but unlike Naperone he wanted to destroy the Shade. Match met Isra and together they worked out a plan to destroy the newly formed Emperor, and to defeat the Shade Worshipers.

Match was to lead the Emperor over a cliff, while Isra distracted the Shade Worshipers. Both dragons faced their own struggles as they tried to complete their missions. Amaranthine's life was threatened by the Shade Worshipers and Isra could do nothing but walk closer to the Emperor where he would have been absorbed into it as the eleventh head. Match's mission was interrupted by Naperone who attacked him in his Shade corrupted state.

But Match was able to break through the mind control and have Naperone work alongside him. Naperone went off to distract the other Shade controlled dragons, while Match resumed his mission of leading the Emperor near the cliff.

Amaranthine broke free of her captors and without her life on the line there was nothing preventing Isra from attacking the Shade Worshipers. Using his ability to control shadows he killed the Shade Worshipers in a burst of anger, while Match succeeded in leading the Emperor to fall below.

All of the research team's minds were broken from the Shade's influence, and Isra brought them (along with Naperone, Match, and Amaranthine) back to Clan Ton Theon.

Isra, Match, June and Night all recovered from their infections. Amaranthine, and Fireworks still have leftover residue from the Shade inside of them, but they are on the path to recovery. Naperone may be permanently infected.

Unfortunately December died due to injures Naperone inflicted on her as he was fighting her Shade corrupted self, and Earthquake and Junio later died from their infections.


Sepulchral was murdered by his own brother, Match. The death of the skydancer affected the entire clan. The clan had grown attached to Sepulchral since he had arrived, and Nike had even taken him under her wing to become her apprentice.

Muerto was the most devastated. He had known Sepulchral for thousands of years, and Sepulchral had been on Muerto's side even during his darkest of times. Muerto's grief quickly turned to anger and he vowed that he would bring Sepulchral back no matter what it would take.

He considered using his necromancy on Sepulchral's body, but that would have only animated the body, and would not have brought back the soul. So Muerto marched up to the Beacon of the Radiant Eye to speak with the Lightweaver. He grew impatient waiting for the goddess, and destroyed her flowers and decorations around the Beacon. His destruction finally got her attention, and she was not pleased with the young dragon.

Muerto begged her to tell him what happens when a dragon died. She told him that was not knowledge that mortals needed to know. He told her of Sepulchral's death. He told her he shouldn't have died here, as this was not his world. The Lightweaver responded that if Sepulchral, and the other aliens that Clan Ton Theon brought into her land weren't prepared for death, then they should have never arrived in Sornieth.

After a few more minutes of arguing with the goddess, Muerto once again let his temper get the best of him, and he charged the goddess with his flames prepared to burn her. She easily fended him off, and flicked him away, making him crash into a bookshelf.

I… I just want my friend back…” Muerto sniffled, and wiped away blood that dribbled from his nose.

The Lightweaver took pity on the young alien and told him she would tell him how to find his deceased friend, as long as he never visited the Beacon ever again, and he kept his Shadeling friend Inkdrop 'under control'.

Muerto reluctantly agreed and the Lightweaver told him to talk to Naomi, Sornieth's Goddess of Death.

Knowing the existence of Naomi turned out to be a dead end. There was no mention of the goddess even in a library as large as Ton Theon's. But all was not lost, because soon an imperial named Isra joined the clan. This imperial was a demigod, son of Sornieth's God of Night and Goddess of the Moon. Muerto asked Isra to help him find Naomi, and the imperial kindly agreed.

Together they flew across Sornieth, where they eventually found the Goddess of Death living in the Starwood Strand. Muerto asked for Sepulchral's soul, and was met with more bad news. Naomi did not have his soul. She did not keep the souls she collected, instead, she wiped the memories from these souls and recycled them, turning them into new dragons.

Naomi showed Muerto an image of Sepulchral, now as a hatchling living with a loving family in an effort to comfort him.

"He's happy now." She told him.

But Muerto could not accept this reality. He knew it was selfish, but he ended up kidnapping the hatchling that was once his friend with the hope that he could awaken his memories of his previous life somehow. No matter what he tried, nothing worked. He was just about ready to admit his defeat and return the terrified hatchling back to his parents, when his Shadeling friend, Inkdrop introduced him to a strange nocturne.

This nocturne, named Saprophyte did what no one else could do. She did what Naomi claimed was impossible. She brought Sepulchral's memories back. Later another friend of Sepulchral's, brought an ageing potion off of the black market to return Sepulchral's body to an adult form.

The clan had Sepulchral back, but at a cost. The Lightweaver wouldn't forget Muerto's destruction of her property and his hostile nature toward her. And she was not pleased with the company Inkdrop kept bringing onto her land. Saprophyte wasn't just an alien visitor. She was an anomaly.

The Murder Trio[]

Naperone's three children, Nostopathy, Nepenthe, and Nullity found their way onto Sornieth with one mission: To kill their father.

The middle child, Nepenthe believed it was her destiny to kill Naperone, as revenge for all of the despicable things he had done in the past. Naperone was not a nice god, or a nice king. He ruled by fear and power, and he enjoyed terrorizing those weaker than him. He once had a wife, Disconsolate the Goddess of Precipitation and had a single child known as Nostopathy with her. He had loved his family, but ruined everything when he had an affair with another goddess. Disconsolate kicked him out of her home, and barred him from ever contacting Nostopathy again.

Through his scandalous affair, Nepenthe was born. She was abandoned by her mother and forced to grow up alone. And later Nullity was created from magic stolen from Naperone and had to live a life of secrecy for fear that Naperone would kill her. It was not Nullity's fault she was created from stolen magic, but that would not have made a difference to the terrible Naperone.

All three of Naperone's children suffered because of him, so when Nepenthe heard that he was now living on a planet that turned him mortal, she knew it was time for her to strike. But when she at long last became face to face with her father, she couldn't kill him. She wanted to. She wanted to kill him so badly. But Naperone was still Shade Touched and weak, He wore nothing but bloody rags and was barely strong enough to limp across his cell. It wasn't that Nepenthe was sympathetic to her father's condition. It wasn't that she feared to take a life. She couldn't kill Naperone because he was too pathetic to kill. The Great and Terrible Naperone, who had caused thousands of years of suffering to both gods and mortals was now nothing but a powerless, weak little mortal.

Nepenthe decided to step away from her father and reconsider her plans. But before Nepenthe had enough time to think, Nostopathy freed Naperone. Nostopathy was the only one of the siblings to have known Naperone as a fatherly figure, and they took pity on him.

With Naperone gone, Nepenthe was lost. She lashed out on her siblings and the three of them went their separate ways.

It took a few weeks for the siblings to meet and make up again. Nostopathy apologized for freeing Naperone, and Nepenthe apologized for letting her quest for revenge to become everything to her.

Meanwhile Naperone was chased across Sornieth to the Scarred Wasteland by his brother Guerra, where he was then taken prisoner by the Plague Academy of Shade Chasers.

Wish and Blue[]

Wish, the daughter of Shiningscourge was in love with Clan Lampsi's resident outcast, Bluemoon. Bluemoon was an outcast because of her uncanny resemblance to the infamous long dead skydancer known as Sapphiremoon. They blamed Blue for Sapphire's crime and they punished her with their words and with their claws. Bluemoon was able to escape the abuse during the commotion of the Lampsi War, but she was forced to leave her girlfriend, Wish behind.

During an agonizing journey Blue managed to make it to Clan Ton Theon. Although the clan was wary of her they took her in and healed her. Blue begged them to help her save Wish from Lampsi as well and the clan did agree.

But Wish didn't need Clan Ton Theon's help. Because Wish had already befriended an Emperor and managed to escape Lampsi with destruction and style.

On the back of her new friend she traveled to Clan Ton Theon and scared the clan's residence half to death.

Wish and Bluemoon now live together on the back of the Lampsi Emperor.

The Shade King[]

Ever since his resurrection, Sepulchral's life had been good. His relationship with Sonder was going strong and he finally felt at peace living in Clan Ton Theon.

Until he woke up one day without his wings.

There were no scars. No blood. Nothing to indicate that he had ever had any wings at all. By the clan's medic it was determined that his wings had been magically removed, and it was uncertain if he would ever get his wings back.

Without his wings Sepulchral became reclusive and bitter. He snapped at those he loved and wanted nothing to do with anything he had previously enjoyed. Flying had been his salvation since he had learned to fly. It was what he believed defined him. Flying helped to clam him and helped him think. Flying had made his life feel worthwhile when he was living under the rule of his abusive father.

Without his wings Sepulchral felt as though he had been gutted and left to die.

And he wasn't the only one who had something so important to their core stolen.

Muerto had lost his necklace. This was the necklace that his girlfriend Niossa gifted him when he became the god of Death. This was the necklace that had helped him bond with the beast that was his Guardian Bubonic. This was the necklace that had helped to calm his anxiety. Without he felt paranoid and alone. He felt like he couldn't trust Bubonic, afraid she would revert to the vicious creature she once was.

Isra had lost his journal. This journal was the primary way that Isra communicated. Isra often had trouble turning his thoughts into words without writing them down first. So now without his journal he didn’t even know how to communicate how upset he was. His thoughts had turned into mush within his mind and instead all he got were waves of emotions he wasn't able to sort out and analyze.

And Inkdrop had lost her little sibling, Hireath. Without Hireath Inkdrop couldn't keep a solid form and constantly melted into a puddle. With Inkdrop a wreck her portal powers were nullified, barring any travel between worlds, which Clan Ton Theon had gotten used to.

With four of Clan Ton Theon's most powerful members overwhelmed with raw emotions, it became clear that this was no random happenstance, but an organized attack.

[To be continued]

The Alien Gods[]

The first one arrived when the clan was still known as Seeking Clan. He was a tiny, half starved coatl, with feathers grey and bleak. Two of the clan's hunters found him. He was clearly dazed and confused, and he claimed he was the God of Death. His name was Dios de Muerto, and he was brought to Nightbane for questioning.

The clan did not believe the claims of this young coatl at first, but Nightbane decided to trust what he was saying, and later he was able to prove of his godhood with the strange stories of an alien world to the dragons, and the Sacred black flames he could create.

Soon after he had arrived so did his friend, Niossa the Goddess of Love, in the form of a pearlcatcher, and his cat Bubonic, in the form of a guardian. Camaraderie, Niossa's mouse had also arrived with Niossa in the form a pukasloth.

It was Nightbane's goal to help these gods return to their home, and they did through the help of the Lightweaver after the clan's Civil War. No one expected to hear from these gods ever again.

But soon enough they returned. It was the young Shadeling, Inkdrop who brought them back. She could now create portals to other worlds. Soon more and more gods began to visit Ton Theon through Inkdrop. Some were good, others not so much.

The new leader of Ton Theon, Nike wanted to encourage visits from these gods, but she soon learned that this was a mistake when one of them tried to kill her own daughter.

Now Nike is left to clean up the mess, and she must be weary whenever a new one of these aliens show up.

The Legend of the Spirits[]

In the beginning there was nothing.The world was an empty void.Until the spirits formed from Nil. Imma, the spirit of Water, Terra, the spirit of Earth, Ignis, the spirit of Fire, and Aeris, the spirit of Air. The four spirits were the first Creators. They held magic so strong they could create whatever they wanted. They created food, and drinks to please themselves and invented games to entertain each other. But legend says there was a fifth spirit, Nihil, the spirit of nothing.

Nihil was shy and wanted to join the games of the others, but whenever he tried they ignored him. He was too frightened of his own magic to ever use it, and he died from loneliness, fear, and bitterness.From his corpse sprung a monster. A monster of hate and anger. This monster, this demon vowed to avenge Nihil's death. He vowed to destroy the spirits.

Meanwhile the spirits accidentally created life.They created the first child, and the first ever god.They created Virtuous. She was left to wander the void alone. She wanted a friend, and the spirits ignored her existence. Eventually she found the demon.

Virtuous did not believe in monsters, and aimed to befriend the beast.She was fearless and had no reason to fear. The beast recognized that the goddess was not one of the Spirits.He decided that he liked her. He agreed to be her friend.

Later the Spirits created more gods. Ludicrous, Sadzi, and Badru. They were innocent children and eager to be friends with Virtuous.The four gods became best friends in their limited world. They talked about what they would do if they had Creation magic like the Spirits.They talked of creating their own worlds, their own creatures. They talked of owning their own palaces, of being kings and queens.

The demon became jealous.Virtuous was his friend. How dare she have other friends?

When he accused Virtuous of her disloyalty to him, she let slip how she was a creation of the Spirits.

It was the last straw for the demon.

He attacked Virtuous.

For the first time god blood was spilled. For the first time Virtuous felt pain. For the first time she felt terror.

For the first time she believed in monsters.

She seeked safety from the Spirits.She begged them to pay attention to her. To listen to her.

"There is a monster in the void!" She tried to tell them.

They ignored her.

For thousands of timeless years the first ever gods ran and hid from the monster.They lived in terror and the Spirits did nothing.

Then one day, the Spirits died.

They dissolved into their elements, and the Spirits were no more.It was a terrifying day for the already frightened young gods.Those who they always viewed as the most powerful beings in existence, just melted.

To this day it's unknown how or why the Spirits died.

The demon was outraged.

He wanted to kill the Spirits. It was the only way to avenge Nihil's death.

He blamed Virtuous.

To him it was her fault the Spirits were gone. It was her fault for distracting him when he should have been focused on killing the Spirits. He vowed to kill her instead.

But he couldn't.

With the death of the Spirits, the gods had gained their powers and he couldn't touch them.

But he had a backup plan.

Fine. So he couldn't kill Virtuous?

Instead he vowed to corrupt or destroy everything that she created.

And he succeeded.

Basic Info[]

There are thirteen major gods (listed below) and eleven God Lands, the Land of Time and Space (ruled by Virtuous and Ludicrous), The Land of Sun and Moon (ruled by Sazi and Badru), The Land of Knowledge (ruled by Sagacious), The Land of Waste (ruled by Guerra), The Land of Waffles (ruled by Naperone), The Land of Precipitation (ruled by Disconsolate), The Land of Nature (ruled by Zeamays), The Land of Challenges (ruled by Archna), The Land of the Ancient (ruled by Antediluvian),The Land of Love (ruled by Niossa), and the Underworld (ruled by Muerto). The lands are listed from most powerful to least powerful.

Minor gods are split up to serve the thirteen major gods, and often what they're the god of relates to whatever the major god is the god of (ex: Elymas is the God of Agriculture, so he is a minor God of Nature and lives in Zeamay's land).

True Forms[]

They're humaniod in appearance, with feline ears, long tails with symbols at the end, and taloned feet.

The symbols refer to what kind of god they are (Ex: A Time god as a clock symbol). Each of the major gods wear crowns that are attached to their skulls. These crowns give them power boosts. God blood is blue. It's possible to kill a god using a Death Weapon, but without a Death Weapon they're immortal.

Sornieth Forms[]

When in Sornieth these gods turn into dragons and become mortal. They still have some of their godly abilities however, such as blue blood with healing properties and control over their magic flames.


Fledglings are young gods that have not been categorized as one of the thirteen types of gods yet. Their symbols are blue orbs and their magic is raw and difficult to control.


Demons are the enemies of the gods. They are insect like in appearance and they're only goal is to destroy everything the gods create.

Godly Guardians[]

Each major god has a sentient animal companion known as a Guardian (not to be confused with the dragon breed). Guardians are sworn to protect their god no matter what.


Despite what it may seem, the gods are not united. Many of them have entirely different agendas than others, and many are involved with conflicts with each other, as well as with the demons.

One of the biggest god vs god conflicts is the feud between Virtuous and Sadzi.

Virtuous is the Queen of the Gods, Sadzi, Ludicrous and Badru all agreed that she was their rightful leader after the spirits died. However, after thousands of years Sadzi grew bitter and envious of Virtuous and she started to believe that she should have been the leader of the gods. So, Sadzi convince her husband and children that she was the rightful queen of the gods and started a bloody fued between her family and Virtuous's family.

The gods have a lot of billion year old grudges and drama with each other, and unfortunately they've brought their personal problems to Clan Ton Theon too.


TCOTG symbol.png

The symbol for all of the gods is the clock surrounded by an atom on the right. Each of the the thirteen types of gods also has a symbol based on what type of god they are, the symbols usually make sense based on what kind of god they are (Ex Time= Clocks, Love= Heart), but there are a few odd ones like how Naperone chose a waffle to symbolize his land. Color also plays a big role in symbolism. Purple is the color of Time, Gold is the color of Space, Orange= Sun, Silver= Moon, just to name a few. And each major god has an animal symbol, these animals are the same kind as their Guardian. Because fireflies are Virtuous's animal symbol fireflies are considered sacred to all of the gods.

Meet the Gods[]

Major Gods[]

  • Virtuous (Goddess of Time)
  • Ludicrous (God of Space)
  • Sadzi (Goddess of the Sun)
  • Badru (God of the Moon)
  • Sagacious (Goddess of Knowledge)
  • Guerra (God of War)
  • Naperone (God of Randomness) ((And waffles :3))
  • Disconsolate (Goddess of Precipitation)
  • Zeamays (God of Nature)
  • Archna (Goddess of Sin and Spiders)
  • Antediluvian (Goddess of Dinosaurs)
  • Niossa (Goddess of Love)
  • Muerto (God of Death)

Godly Guardians[]

  • Pendelum (Goddess of Clocks)
  • Zodiac (God of Constellations)
  • Savus (God of Fire)
  • Lauchna (Goddess of Ice)
  • Tsundoku (Goddess of Reading)
  • Pathi (Goddess of Claws)
  • Chance (God of Chance)
  • Birostris (God of Saltwater)
  • Fabaceae (Goddess of Carrots)
  • Recluse (Goddess of Venom)
  • Carnage (God of Carnotauruses)
  • Camaraderie (God of Friendship)
  • Bubonic (Goddess of Pathogens)

Minor Gods[]

  • Nostopathy (Goddess of Memories)
  • Reflection (Goddess of Color)
  • Nullity (Goddess of Depression)
  • Oxytocin (Goddess of Joy)
  • Elymas (God of Agriculture)
  • Bacitracin (God of Medicine)
  • Nepenthe (Goddess of Revenge)
  • Aitema (Goddess of Dragons)
  • Kissa (Goddess of Maternal Love)
  • Eumoirous (God of Shared Interests)
  • Sepulchral (God of Souls)
  • Match (God of Accidents)
  • Sonder (Guide of the Underworld)
  • Arkina (Goddess of Animal Souls)
  • Iniquity (God of Judgement)
  • Hemorrhage (Goddess of Punishment)
  • Pixel (God of Technology)
  • Cenotaph (God of Graves)


  • Nihil (Spirit of Nothing) Deceased(?)
  • Imma (Spirit of Water) Deceased
  • Ignis (Spirit of Fire) Deceased
  • Aeris (Spirit of Air) Deceased
  • Terra (Spirit of Earth) Deceased


  • Evan (The Mortal Turned God)
  • Mason (The Ghost)
  • Nefarious (The Demon)
  • Saprophyte (The Nonexistent)
  • Zinnia (Fledgling)
  • Dani (Fledgling)

Current Locations[]

Because it's hard to keep track of these guys.

Ton Theon[]

  • Muerto
  • Bubonic
  • Niossa
  • Sepulchral
  • Eumoirous
  • Sonder
  • Camaraderie
  • Sagacious
  • Nostopathy
  • Nepenthe
  • Nullity
  • Mason
  • Evan
  • Pathi
  • Guerra (Prisoner)
  • Naperone (Prisoner)
  • Match (Prisoner)

The Underworld[]

  • Virtuous
  • Ludicrous
  • Pendulum
  • Zodiac
  • Nefarious

The Mortal Realm[]

  • Iniquity
  • Hemorrage
  • Arkina


  • Oxytocin and Reflection are chilling in Niossa's land
  • Chance is currently living with a clan on Sornieth
  • Everyone else are in their respective lands

Clan Territory[]


The Clan's old territory was in the Mirrorlight Promenade. They had a huge chunk of territory, that included a huge half destroyed temple, rolling hills with a pine forest and long grasses surrounding the forest, and a sharp cliff next to the temple.

The clan lived inside of the temple. Its entrance way was large enough for an imperial to enter, and the inside of the temple was big enough to comfortably fit a handful of imperials or guardians. It was a nice place for clan members to gather and talk, but it was big and drafty and not a nice place for sleeping. Underground tunnels were connected to the temple for this reason. The tunnels led to sleeping quarters, and the clan's library (and later a new tunnel was constructed for holding prisoners).

For the tunnels near the surface, skylights were installed to light them up, for the deeper tunnels, torches lit them. The powerful Arcane mage, Hecate had cast a magical protection over the entire clan to keep intruders and pests out of the clan.

The clan used the forest and grasslands around the clan for hunting, and they had a surplus of natural materials from their land. In the distance from the clan's territory was a chain of small mountains.


Theon 1.png

The Clan now lives outside of the Beacon of the Radiant Eye. They live inside of a stone tower on top of a cliff which overlooks the sea below. The tower was once used as the Lightweaver's back up library and the entire tower is filled with books, save for the very top floor. The top floor has a leaky roof,and no windows. It is now used as the clan's prison. There is also a smaller room on the top floor that is now to room of a fae named Flare.

The inside of the tower is big enough for a clan of imperials to live in, and all of the rooms and stairs were originally built to be imperial sized. Since the clan started living in the tower however, smaller doors, rooms and stairs have been built for the smaller dragons.

Connected to the tower is a kitchen and a dining room.

The clan has a small patch of hunting ground available to them, but it is shared hunting ground with with neighboring clans. Nearly all of the resources within these grounds have been exhausted. The clan now relies on the sea for most of their food.

Several flags hang on the outside of the clan. They are flags to symbolize the dragons they lost during the clan's civil war. The largest flag is for Nightlight, who sacrificed her life to save Hecate.

Current Members[]

Noteworthy Deceased Dragons[]


  • Theme song: Child of Light by the Getaway Plan
  • The sun symbol on both Ton Theon's symbol and the Seeker's symbol represents hope and guidance. The circle represents protection. Each of the points represents a direction, and represents the sun's journey during the Summer and Winter Solstices.
  • The Illuminist symbol is the symbol of chaos.
  • The Immunist symbol represents handcuffs. It is a symbol of law and justice.
  • All information on the symbols found on this page can be found at
  • Ton Theon is poorly translated Latin for 'of gods' or something relating to gods. I honestly forget how exactly I came up with the name.
  • All images (save for the symbol designs) were created by myself.

Other Clans[]

(Princessfirefly's subclans and other dragons not associated with Ton Theon)

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