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Clan Ula is a group of merdragons who are journeying the Sea of a thousand Currents with the hope of slaying a sea monster that blinded their leader, Queen Megalodon. However although their main goal is revenge, they always find time for having fun.

History Edit

Chapter 1 Edit

Megalodon was born with royalty in his blood. She was born from a king and queen isolated in the Southern Icefield. She soon discovered that she enjoyed swimming and that she had the ability to shapeshift. She could form gills, and her back legs and tail fused into one capable for propelling her through the water. Because of her love for water she decided to move to the Sea of a Thousand Currents.

Once there she didn't get the chance to explore much before a great beast attacked her and she lost her eyesight forever. She would have died, alone and blind if another mirror named Mosasaurus hadn't wittnessed the event happen. Mosa healed Megalodon and the two became close.

Mosa helped Mega as she adjusted to a life without sight. Thankfully Mega recovered quickly and she was able to swim around as if she had been blind her whole life. Mega also discovered around the same time that she could gift Mosa powers that would make her a merdragon as well.

This allowed an idea to form in Mega's head. She wanted to kill the monster that attacked her. She wanted the creature to pay for taking her sight. But she couldn't do it alone. So she decided to recruit dragons from all over to join her in her hunt. They would help her kill the monster and in return Mega would gift them incredible shapeshifting powers.

Chapter 2 Edit

The clan has been gaining on the monster. The trail is fresh. But just when Mega thinks she'll have her revenge at last, her entire quest changes.

To be continued...

Territory Edit

The clan is nomadic and have no territory of their own. They use the nests of allied clans to hatch their young.

Trivia Edit

  • Ula means sea jewel

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