Sornieth 1 and Sornieth 2 Edit

The clans listed with Clan Ton Theon on the previous page are all 'feral only' clans. These clans live in a version of Sornieth in which dragons cannot shapeshift into humaniod forms (Unless they were blessed by a god, are not actually a dragon, or come from another universe). This 'feral only' version of Sornieth will be called 'Sornieth 1'.

'Sornieth 2' is a version of Sornieth in which all dragons can shapeshift into humaniod forms. The closer to a human form a dragon can take depends on the dragon's natural magic within them. For example a dragon that can fully transform into a human has high natural magic, while a dragon that can only transform into an anthro form (a form that's dragon-like save for basic human anatomy) has low natural magic. 

Many of the clans linked to this page will be from Sornieth 2 and will include notes to state this. Any clans that are not stated to be within this universe can be assumed to be from Sornieth 1.  

Sornieth 2 Terminology Edit


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