Plague Academy of Shade Chasers (PASC) Edit

PASC is a militaristic Plague clan. They have one goal: To destroy all scraps of the Shade on Sornieth.

History Edit

PASC is the Plague Academy of Shade Chasers. It was founded a hundred years ago as a way to purge the Scarred wasteland from growing Shade activity. later PASC's mission spread to the rest of Sornieth.

Being a Shade Chaser is no easy job. The life expectancy of dragons in this work is low, and the training is harsh and intense. It's not something for the weak hearted. 

PASC is split into different factions, the melee faction; known as the Shade Killers, the spy faction; known as Death Seekers, and the magic faction; known as the Irradiated Mages.

Shade Killers Edit

Shade Killers are required to be stocky and strong. Their claws, and teeth sharp and ready for physical combat. each carries a specialized weapon designed for killing Shade creatures and each wear armor designed to prevent them from becoming infected.

Death Seekers Edit

The Death Seekers are required to be stealthy and silent. They must know how to camouflage themselves. They are usually the cleverest of the Shade Chasers and often must work their way out of dangerous situations. They are all trained in various codes.

Irradiated Mages Edit

The Irradiated Mages are the elite of the elite. They are skilled in powerful Shade killing magic that is acquired by infusing themselves with Arcane magic. Not many dragon survive the process, but the ones that do are efficient in wiping out any Shade creatures they come across and they have a natural immunity to Shade infections.

Chapters Edit

Chapter 1: The Shade Touched Spiral Edit

A Shade Touched spiral was found on academy territory.

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Chapter 2: The Haven Edit

After years of searching, the Shade Haven was found.

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Territory Edit

PASC is located in the Abiding Boneyard. The main building is a large concrete fortress. It's not pretty, but practical. Behind the main building are a series of smaller buildings that are mostly for holding equipment. One is also the showers. A large courtyard is located behind the main building. This space is used for physical and magic training. Surrounding the entire territory are large fences with barbed wire.

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