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Primal dragons are said to have been blessed by the gods. They have exceptionally strong elemental magic, so much that it changes their eyes as their bodies can barely contain the raw elemental energy.

But the life of a primal is no easy one. If they're not careful they may lose control of their powers. They may accidentally hurt themself, or a loved one. They may be targetted by the Shade, wishing to leech from their powerful magic. Or they may be captured and used for the nefarious plans of other dragons or beastpeople.

A primal has the high chance of being abandoned or abused. They may be seen as being weird or freakish by others. Or loved ones may turn on them out of fear and misunderstanding. Clanmates may become envious of a primal and bully them.

Many primals don't believe to have been blessed. Instead many believe to have been cursed.

History Edit

Grim had been treated as an object for most of his life. When he was a hatchling he was captured by bandits, then sold to a dragon who kept him in a dragon zoo. He was marveled at by others, and had no say in what happened to him. Nothing he said mattered or was acknowledged. Later a dragon helped to free him, only to imprison him again and run experiments on him without his consent.

Grim went from a prisoner, to an object, to a lab rat. All because he was an arcane primal. Because of the elemental powers he was born with, he lived a life of hell. He finally saw freedom with his last captor accidentally died in an experiment that had gone horribly wrong. Grim at first vowed to never trust anyone ever again. He was scared and broken and never wanted to go back into any of the hell he'd seen previously.

But Grim took sympathy on a little primal hatchling who had lost his family due to his primal powers. Grim couldn't ignore the child who would have been doomed without an adult to supervise him. So Grim adopted the hatchling, and decided to save any other primal that crossed his path. He decided to never let another primal suffer like he once did, and vowed to help any primal that needed him.

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The primals are nomadic and travel across Sornieth. Often the smaller dragons will be carried by Murrma or Malaria.

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