Deep, deep within the Foxfire Bramble, tunnels of varying sizes open up in the damp earth. As you crawl deeper, dirt changes to stone, odd carved patterns beneath your claws. If you fly, twists and turns in the passage take you by surprise, knocking you out of the air and forcing you to walk. There are so many branching paths that it is almost impossible to find your way without a guide, though you suspect dragons who live her can navigate their way easily. It must have something to do with the carvings.

If you do have a guide, or are somehow fortunate to find your way to the lair on your own, you find yourself in a large, donut shaped hallway, tall arches lining the inner side. You must take care going through these arches, as the stone floor cuts of and the room opens into a vast cavern. Dens and tunnels open up in the wall, torches fastened to the rock face keep the room lit. Between the dens and torches, the lair walls have been decorated with artistic carvings and paintings of all different styles. Dragons of all sizes fly above and below you, carrying food, fabrics, books, and all kinds of things, going about their daily chores. At the very bottom of the cavern furs cover the floor around a large fire where dragons gather to socialize. A tiny fae uncurls from the torch nearest to you.

"Welcome to the lair of Clan Valtura," She squeaks.

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