Devoted to family, community, and support, Clan Vendela is filled with dragons who found they were unwanted elsewhere, and found their home beneath the wings of a pair of dragons whose only desire is to serve. Here, beneath the Crystalpine Reaches, Clan Vendela makes the cold, glittering sea of crystal a haven of warm acceptance and loyal protection, where dragons come when they are feeling lost, unwanted, or misunderstood.


Clan Vendela began as a pair of dragons, a Fae named Lyra and a Mirror named Asgore. Together, they formed a safe haven for any dragons who had gone astray from their own clans and flights. They had never intended to start a clan, nor had they intended to be any sort of leaders for any dragons aside from their own hatchlings, and yet, on their travels to find a place to call home, they picked up so many stragglers that Clan Vendela was born almost entirely accidentally.

Lyra and Asgore found themselves building a nest in Shadow territory, creating their home beneath the looming branches of the Tangled Wood, yet were always looking over their shoulder for the Shadow dragons that had never welcome other flights into their lands. It wasn't long before they were chased out, finding themselves turned around and trapped in the Scarred Wasteland, home of the Plague flight. All Lyra wanted was to return home, to the Crystalpine Reaches, where the Arcanist would protect them, and Asgore, ever the faithful and devoted protector to his mate, vowed to get her home.

It was in their journey across the Wasteland they ran into Thalmor, a deserter of a Plague clan. The fierce Wildclaw immediately challenged Asgore the fight, eager to destroy and celebrate the circle of life and death his flight was so fond of. But Asgore, filled with the determination of protecting his loved one, defeated Thalmor, and prepared to kill him when Lyra jumped in to stop him, instead offering a claw of forgiveness and sanctuary to the Wildclaw. Thalmor accepted.

Since then, the three returned to the Starfall Isles, and the clan began to grow, word spreading about a clan where anyone was welcome, no matter their past or previous flight affiliation.

Ever the motherly figure, Lyra welcome them all with open wings, eager to love and be loved in return.

Clan Members

  • Lyra (matriarch)
  • Asgore (patriarch)
  • Thalmor (captain)
  • Elliantra
  • Radione
  • Kokabiel
  • Metallia
  • KoiVipre
  • Baekhyun (gatherer)
  • Regal
  • Shakti
  • Casimira (gatherer)
  • Sabrina
  • Keisari
  • Malakyta
  • Vhostym
  • Ashmith
  • Aramantis
  • Meena
  • Penny (gatherer)
  • Embereth
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