The Clan of Eternal Night was originally known as Clan Ardere prior to an uprising against the self-proclaimed Empress and Emperor, Antigorite and Enstantite. Now ruled by Staurolite, it has become a formidable force and is steadily growing in wealth and numbers.

History Edit

The Era of Ardere Edit

They were not always ruled by the unforgiving hand of the night. Before the uprising, there was peace. A disorganized group of varying dragons in the Crystalspine Reaches of the Arcanist's domain became an organized group under the rule of Antigorite, a nocturne who aspired to become similar to a god. Driven by ambition, she took up the position as leader soon after finding the group of dragons. Calling herself Empress, she filled the heads of these dragons with images of grandeur. Palaces and strongholds that they would erect, the treasure and gemstones that they would be surrounded by — so plentiful would their treasure trove be that they would be able to roll in the riches.

These dreams never came true. The clan lay in ruins, held together by only the will of a dragon who wanted so desperately to be a queen and her soft-spoken husband, who did not dare tell her that she was making a mistake and leading the clan into darkness. Throughout it all, a single dragon who had been with the original group of dragons prior to the arrival of Antigorite, watched from the shadows, waiting until the right moment for her and her accomplices to strike and take over the clan.

The Coming of the Night Edit


Culture Edit

Exalting Edit

Under the rule of Staurolite, exalting has grown to be seen as a punishment. Dragons are often cycled through the clan, sent off as swiftly as they came for the soul purpose of gleaning funds to advance the clan.

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