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Laws of Clan magic. The magic in this Clan is based on teamwork. Earth spires shooting up, water coursing through them like blood, while lightning dashes down, the shadows making it seem like the forest is falling around you-- that sort of thing. For that reason, much of the work done is to maintain a healthy source of every type of elemental magic in the territory. Knowing where your source is and having your internal store filled at all times is vital for the wizards here. Knowing your way around is also necessary, which is why the cave system was so important. Spells are essentially carefully channeled elemental energy, oftentimes through the dragon's breath. Experiments are used to test the limits of magic, and are often intertwined with alchemy. One of the recipes thought to be especially forward-thinking is the vial of healing potion with pure, Arcane energy, mixed with a dash of the elemental flight. It's supposed to give the magic within a dragon a 'specialized' boost to speed up the healing process. It's also caused glowing eyes, gem or crystal deposits on or an scales, swirls of stardust stuck to the hide, misshapen limbs, breed changes, increase or decrease in size, instant death, teleportation, bursts of uncontrollable magic that leaves the drinker unconscious and unhealed, and mutated hatchlings in their eggs (not to be used on pregnant mothers). These side effects are called "misdirections".

Locations in the territory. Pre map update, the Clan was located in (The Everbloom Gardens mostly, and to the south, the Gladeveins) the far west of the Labyrinth near the Earth/Nature border. Post update, they live in the Worldedge Wetlands, I'm thinking somewhere in the middle. The Clan defends a fairly tree-void, rock-strewn valley (thought to be an abandoned Earth quarry, or maybe an old archeological, or architectural project. However, the nature dragons hate the thought of a quarry, so they call it a valley), where the Founder’s Den sits. Most work takes place in the valley, but nesting takes place embedded in the slopes or on the trees ‘round the edge. The Clan is working to help nature reclaim the area, but also acknowledges its defensive advantages. Common Area: Most of the hub takes place in the western end/middle around the Den. Sewing, weaving, writing, pottery, gardening, painting, carving, games, puzzles, wrestling matches, gossip, confrontations, even getting your scales polished or other frivolous luxuries. Founder’s Den: Massive above ground cavern, made up of boulders, roots, and trees, held together by magic. Ayella, Boran and their children sleep here. Boran and Ayella sleep in a lower side-chamber to the north that is out of the way of the large main entrance to avoid the elements, Bellron sleeps in the command center, an above ground cave located to the southwest that has a direct route to the Camp. Yora sleeps in the Tundras’ Burrows because her cave has since become compromised. Belegaer currently nests in a hidden chamber near the back (west) of the main space. If one wishes to enter it through the Den, then someone within must activate a pulley system. It is often considered the original section of the Cave system. His old master, the Guardian Phelga, the great Cavemaster, used to live there. Atop the den, Aurus rests in a shallow hollow in the stones. The Den faces east, away from The House of Healing. Council meetings are held in the entrance chamber, and it serves as a general den if anyone is feeling like they want to sleep ‘alone’ tonight. Fedelm also stays there when he comes back to visit. Greenleaf Shrine: A sapling, set to grow on the north side of the Founder’s Den at the seam of the grass and the rocks, where dragons go to pray and channel nature magic. It is being shaped into a likeness of the Gladekeeper as it grows. Offerings and objects of praise are left there. Vanavna sometimes preaches there. Tundras’ Burrows: Earthen tunnels along the western ridge of the valley so the Tundras can better smell, and thereby gauge, their situation through the dirt and scents of the forest. They connect to the main Caves, as well as providing spy holes up through the roots, or access to their colleagues who nest among the roots. All of the Tundras live here. The Nursery: The nursery is in the burrows, in one chamber or another. It’s very convenient, because it’s under the Loremasters’ Tree, which is where the hatchlings will go for their lessons. Smith’s Quarters: Once occupied by the famous odd couple, Festal and Milyar, the Smith’s Quarters lays outside the valley, near a lake comprised of runoff. It is constantly boiling, as next to it, underground, is the heartfire/belly of the forge. The chamber next to the forge’s chamber, is a den for the smiths and firelovers in the Clan. Above ground, there are many fail-safe systems in place to douse the whole operation in water if the winds blow too swiftly, or someone forgets to strip the area of greenery before setting to work. Ironically, the forge is nearly always wet when not in use, meaning it needs a LOT of maintenance, which is why they have a live-in mechanic. Smiths are trying to cover the whole area in stone to minimize the chance of a forest fire, but it’s been slow going. The Smith’s Quarters connects to the Cave System, although its tunnels run deeper than most out of paranoia. In relation to the Founder’s Den, it's to the south, but not so far that you can't smell the smoke, and hear the hiss of cooling metal if you listen hard enough. Surkene, Ietoro, Elphaba, Loa, and Amara all live here, as well as all the Coatls. Workshops: Elphaba has been building structures around the forge to streamline the production process. Yes, they are made out of wood. The House of Healing: Taking at most half of the valley’s space, it is lush with plantlife, home to the Clan’s main herb garden (with a lot of transported dirt, making the western end of the valley several feet higher than the east), and is constructed with plantlife held together with arcane and nature magic. The structure itself is almost starting to resemble a small hill (upon which dragons like to lounge and frolic), although stone structures have been/are being erected in the name of science and engineering around the House, and construction has continued to craft exclusively magic-based laboratories when the last ones explode or fail to accommodate the size of the experiment, taxing the smiths. Niluvas’ laboratory is potions and alchemy based, and while that is intriguing to almost all of the wizards, they need a magic-proof space that will withstand other flights’ magic. Inside the House, all magically or medically inclined dragons reside. It can be made into a triage area within minutes. Usually, on the left as you walk in is the magic side, and on the right is the healer’s area. The whole space is dappled with sunlight from artistically placed mirrors and glass in the ceiling. Both sides are packed with scrolls and stray instruments, but in general, the healing side is much more inviting, with herbs, flowers, and nests abound. Both sides descend into an underground stone corridor, flanked with individual chambers, but the magical sides’ functions as more of an office rather than a patient’s personal room. At the very front, there is a receptionist’s roost which is often left unmanned. Ereser is staying here post-Collapse. Challicrates, the Plague wizard, has to stay on the otherside of the valley, where the boulders and rubble still overtake the life. He has a roost which is constructed of boulders built up in a vaguely square formation with dead flowers laying across the top. It all rests on the rocky rubble of displaced earth from excavating. Niluvas’ Laboratory: A dugout in the stone huddled near the valley wall behind the House. Niluvas, Sycora, and Serif live there. The Lab: Stone structure for archeology, biology, and meteorology. There is also an adjoined covered, open-air workshop in construction, which is soon to be for Mesmir. The Gaolers’ Dens: The Gaolers have several collapsable dens in the undergrowth around the valley. Adrika, a purple Gaoler, set them up before he left the Clan, and another Gaoler (Zveam) introduced the concept to the wardens of the Clan. Currently Serif is slowly transitioning out of them into Niluvas’ lab. Before that, the wardens lived in the Trade Center; the tallest hollowed tree that provides a complete view of the valley. Shallan and Sika now live in any of the structures, as well as all of the wardens. The rest of the militant force, except for dragons previously mentioned in other locations, are also staying around here. Trade Center: The tallest tree in the closest vicinity to the south edge of the valley. Every branch, knoll, root, and in-trunk space is utilized for storing prey, cloths, metals, treasure, organic materials, weapons, scrolls, armor etc. Dynas, Wilwaren, Seranida, Rime, Gwennol, and Adaza live there, as well as the scouts and couriers. Skygge and Lume live here post-collapse, as well as Irodus who informs them of the weather. The lesser council of merchants (Dynas and the crew) meets in the clearest room there, which is often the treasury. Of course, the goods contained within the tree are merely the select few meant to be processed for leaving or entering the Clan. The savings reside in the Caves underneath the valley. The food, majorly, is kept within the tree for easier distribution, but they also have a freezer in the depths of the earth in case of disaster. In the Collapse, most of the underground stash was lost. Plague Colony: Alongside Challicrates; Wilwaren, Pelageya, and Angmar are made to sleep in the boulders. They sort of like it, as it is a middle ground between their homeland and current home. They collect the dead and dying plants and Challicrates seals them with magic to create a den. When they’re awake, the Clan trusts (most of) them completely, but there is an odd superstition in the Clan that Plague magic, especially in such a fruitful environment, can control an unconscious body, and so it’s kind of become a tradition that different dragons honor for different reasons. Angmar resents this, wanting to sleep with his pack, and often slips away to do so. Elemental Housing: Each representative is in charge of creating an appropriate living space for delegates from their flights. Breed-specific alterations are also under their jurisdiction. Most are kept out of sight, the Plague Colony being the exception as the Clan demands it remain up year-round. The Loremasters’ Tree: Eridani, Euncil, and Altair live in the tree above Agrius’ root den on the west edge of the valley. All of the scribes' notes are packed into the woven branches, but none of the Clan's life-or-death documents are stored there, as a rule. It also serves as a library. There are also chambers in the trunk for each of the flights’ representatives, but no one really stays there consistently except for Rillithia, unless there is a need for them to work continuously. Agrius’ Den: Connected to the Tundra’s Burrows, the den is in a pocket of earth. Jahir and Starling also nest there. In the Collapse, the underground documents were evacuated as quickly as possible, but many were potentially destroyed. The scribes are holding out on the hope that the passage to their storeroom is just blocked off. Tree of the Arts: The artists live here. It’s a glorious tree, with long willowy tendrils of leaves, hung with ribbons, baubles, chimes, and firefly lanterns. Senta, Onasi, and Talenach live here, and many other dragons can often be seen coming and going to practice dance routines, or other extracurricular, artistic activities. It is just south of the Loremaster’s Tree. Ridgeback’s Haven: A cave burrowed into the east side of the valley, mixing earth and stone in its composition, and often serving as the reentry point for many of the external tunnels returning to the stone system. Overtime, this cave collects rainfall through the canopy of leaves and other vegetation, specifically through the ventilation hole. It has formed a quaint pool on the cave floor, slowly eroding it down deep. Ridgebacks who live there hate skirting around the pool, and also hate having to clean it up constantly, so it’s been left to grow until it trickles down the slope of the valley. The Ridgebacks themselves live in a series of circular antechambers hanging over the main section of the cave, each like a little cell (in relation to their size) leading to no doubt a larger chamber, and then underground roads to each of their excavation projects. The external entrance can be collapsed with the push of a lever. No one except Vanavna (and Rhiain in light of the Collapse) lives here right now, but its always been exclusively owned by the Ridgebacks. Forest Den: The forestkeepers live here. It is a dugout unknown to most who pass over it, but its location is rumored to be overlooking their most fertile/endangered patch of land at any point in time. The River Bank: The waterkeepers live in trees alongside the biggest river that breaks off from the Gladeveins into the Everbloom Gardens. Scout’s Keep: Several lofty, collapsible, Gaoler-style tree-stands dot the territory where the scouts can nest when out patrolling with the warriors. Nocturne’s Roost: A tree with disconnected (and connected, as the forestkeepers work their magic) branches creating a cocoon around the external foliage. In the inside, the branches are groomed in such a way where they’re still present, but have space for homey little wooden structures in a vaguely ovular shape. At the moment, there are only 3. North end of Valley. Camp: On the southeast end of the valley, the warriors’ camp dwells in the underground. Warriors can sleep as close together, or as far apart as they want, as long as they can hear their charge (this is only the case in wartime). The Nocturnal Strike Force in particular uses the Cave System. At the current time, the Camp has been condemned due to the Collapse, so the warriors are either living with their secondary colleagues, or taking root in the trees. High Dens: Trees for dragons who want their own designated space that is under the Clan’s immediate protection. They can also be used for housing guests or newcomers. It is mandatory to report the den’s existence to the Loremaster, Adaza, and Belegaer and Shallan. These Dens see dragons like Wellam on occasion. The Cache: A singular, massive supply stash hidden in the territory. It’s a tree, obviously. Weapons are there, as well as fresh water runoff from the rain. It’s in the general vicinity of the forge, south of the valley in the Gladeveins.

The Valley by The Oh Hello's Ragged Wood by Fleet Foxes (suggested to me by FR user Lichy!!) The Summit by Avi Kaplan It Knows Me by Avi Kaplan Born in California by Avi Kaplan

A Summary of Clan Culture[edit | edit source]

The Dragons of the Broken Valley are dysfunctional. They’ve gone through many phases and forms in terms of motivations. From proud and aggressive misfits who thought of themselves as all-inclusive, to jumbled and disconnected near-strangers, to brewing intellects, to actualized rebels. Now they each work together to mean something more than themselves, each dragon operating to their full potential to hopefully find a sense of straight forward, holistic contentment. The Clan itself is a little low-tech, but very tight-knit and content to keep to their crafting. A little narrow-mindedness lingers when it comes to activities outside their realm of expertise, which leads to a fierce distrust of outsiders. It certainly doesn’t help that their leaders know first hand how competitive the hunt for territory can be in the Labyrinth, so warriors are nearly always soaring through the skies, putting on a show as well as patrolling their home forest. The favored phrase is:

“Might to fright’s better than fright to might.”

They’ve essentially grown themselves their own self-sufficient ecosystem so they don’t have to be in any dragon’s debt. For that reason, the Clan members hardly ever leave the Labyrinth in groups other than their Trademaster and her guards, and then they only go to hunt for supplies in the wild; those that do otherwise are at best looked down upon. The scholars and wizards have to fight like mad to try and acquire inside knowledge on the latest journals in the outside world, and the Representatives have to think long and hard about which dragons they’re bringing home and how they’ll fit in, because all they have to go on is the initiate's own testimony.

Someone really needs to teach them about emotions and the purpose of a soul.

Clan History up to Present Day[edit | edit source]

Boran, Ayella, and their newly-emerged hatchlings first arrived in the quarry (thought to be from one of Earth flight's abandoned excavations) from their parents’ meeting place in the Shrieking Wilds. The couple built their home in the central cave, thought to be the main entrance to the quarry’s cave system. Their hatchlings grew up, and not much occurred for quite some time, other than a lot of farming.

Then, 9 months of defending the quarry from the forces of nature later, Dynas and a blue Nocturne by the name of Seze flew in under a truce from The Tangled Wood, and the two groups hesitantly tolerated one another, not having much choice due to the Beastclans and packs of Wildclaws occupying nearly everywhere else fertile in the Labyrinth. 

Slowly but surely, they became allies. Dynas and Seze were incapable of taking Ayella on in a fight, so they deferred to her as pack leader. Boran rose to the occasion alongside his mate, understanding that if he wanted to settle himself in at her side, it would have to be now, when the ties were fresh.

Really, all that happened after that was born out of necessity and kind of predictable, so let's just say that the Clan grew. Ayella dubbed them the Dragons (or the Clan) of the Broken Valley, because the term “quarry” annoyed the nature dragons beyond belief. Everyone found it fittingly symbolic.

The Clan grew until it was coming on 70 strong, and were establishing themselves as a reliable ally (if nothing more) by forging alliances with other Nature Clans against the Beastclans, but sinister plans were never far from the minds of the wicked. 

Some time passed, and several vicious wounds were inflicted upon our dear dragons. There was been a horrible massacre within the Clan as the Beastclans regrouped enough to recognize them as an unorganized target. The noble and renowned Cavemaster Phelga, graceful Timemaster Soie, healer Hirwiva, Weathermaster Telemna, and many more lost their lives in the scrap.  

[The fallen dragons I have on record, can be found on this page.]

Merely a few moons after, a great exodus took place, in which a Guardian called by Cireanach attempted to force the Clan eastwards, to the watery kingdom of the Sea of a Thousand Currents. Under normal circumstances, the Old Council would've been able to strike down the rebellion, cast Cireanach out and be done with it. However, his adopted sister Muileag (who ironically hailed from the Sea) sought to take over the Clan from within just as Cireanach wished to ferry them away. On a morning where the sun shone exceptionally bright, the three conflicting forces struggled against each other, until the two insurgents were brought down. The losses were earth-shaking, and the Clan found that they could no longer defend their territory, so they were made into a traveling band. 

The Old Council were supremely uncomfortable with the seemingly promiscuous nature of power, so they decided to hoard it for their own. This decision was not made lightly, nor was it received so. But it seemed to those elders that the free-flowing nature of the Council made it far too easy to strike at the belly of the Clan. So the Council was reduced to a modest number, and those among them made their nest in the cave system that the honorable Phelga had once excavated so skillfully, and declared that those who came uninvited would never return to the outside world. The rest of the Clan was sentenced to roam, with only Fedelm, Jahir, and Agrius’ late cousin, the Spiral Narfi permitted to enter the Council's palace. 

The Old Council was composed of Ayella, Boran, Svithna, Dynas, Bellron, Alwyth, Aurus, and Surenla, It was intended to be made up of dragons who had been around since the beginning, but that obviously wasn't possible. 

The Clan, now 21 strong, wandered freely, hoping to break the curse of power and once again enter their ancestral haven. After Narfi’s death as a hostage in an enemy Clan that they were attempting to reclaim their abandoned territory from, Fedelm and Jahir staged a coup against the Old Council, making their own declaration that this set up was a strategic disaster. The Old Council agreed, and all decided that the thoughtless actions of the past had swelled up to an unfortunate level due to the grief in the tender old dragons’ hearts. The Clan reunited, and began to reclaim their territory, piece by piece.

Needless to say, the Dragons of the Broken Valley had experienced their fill of drama. Many had already left while wandering the wilds, but some stayed to enact their revenge against the Council. Just as before, many died. It was a bloody and tiring ordeal; the circle of hate never seemed to slow. 

However, several dragons slowly trickled back into the Clan as well, having gone to hide out the imbalance in their own private dens. Dragons such as Elphaba, Altair, Gwennol, and Dawnbreak returned with varying feelings of remorse and curiosity. 

Now, there are several checks and balances of power set in place to steady any resurgences of a power craze. The Clan approaches 100 strong, and attempts to break into the merchant’s trade. The tunnels under the valley are being destabilized due to the earthquakes rocking Sornieth. Belegaer, Phelga’s old apprentice, has condemned them, and the eastern half of the valley has been sent to live in the trees while he works on them. The entire military power is dwelling up next to the sky, but there’s no opportunity to soak in the experience, as their Clan-born advantage has been stripped from them. The appearance of the Gaolers has complicated their movements further, but also brought them a solution in the form of collapsible Gaoler dens, taught to them by the Seeker Zveam

The caves are a hot topic in the Clan, as many wonder why they had to live away from the open air in the first place, and think that the whole Valley should be taken over with plantlife, and that the Clan should nest in the surrounding trees. 

The Gaolers themselves were met with warm welcome, as the first two to join, Kahu and Serif, just happened to be a perfect combination of passive and rule-bound to get the Clan to respect them, no matter their appearance. Since their joining, Serif, at least, has vouched for every single Gaoler who passes by just in case, because he’s come to know the wrath of the suspicious Clan through the tellings of his Clanmates, and how he was lucky to escape it. 

Kahu didn't feel the same. She bided her time, trying (and failing as time wore on and Gaolers began to acquire modern sensibilities) to rally the Gaolers together, and wondering for what grand purpose the Icewarden sent them here and when he will summon them home. Over time, the Clan became further desensitized to the Ancient dragons and vice versa, and many rose to become trusted friends, even family. Kahu had a son, Bylden, with the Clan engineer, Mesmir, who became so trusted that Ayella made him her source of personal correspondence in her recent scheme, an Earth colony. Kahu eventually returned to Ice flight.

The Clan has been making a recent effort to increase the span and scope of their trade. Advancements include: a small herd of herbivores to watch over, more specialists, such as gem experts and sculptors, and a new Trademaster. Banescales have finally hit the Clan, more than two months after their miraculous rebirth, first in the form of Demyan, a Water Wizard, and second in a Light Tribe, looking for their place in the modern world. With their arrival, a new argument against the discrimination of Plague dragons has been brought up by Lynne.

As soon as word of the Banescales reached the Earth colony (Serif, a second generation from the Order system, let them know specifically), Ranier brought them back to the Valley. There's currently a heightened tension between the two groups. Serif, Ranier, Starling, and Leif are the only Gaolers who know the facts of the great division between the two species, and Elis, Lynne, Isle, and Vilde all have first hand experience of the events following the extinction.   

As of June 2021, the Clan has transformed into an even more withdrawn, less powerful gaggle. They are in search of more blood-thirsty but incredibly loyal wizards to shore up their defenses against the changing times.

Current Events[edit | edit source]

The Plague dragons' Inquiry and the Banescale/Gaoler Conflict are the main things for the Clan to focus on.    

Clan Leaders[edit | edit source]

The Four Factions[edit | edit source]

  • The Justice Faction
    • Led by Jahir. Protects truth, knowledge, history, and the Clan's reputation.
  • The War Faction
    • Led by Verja. Includes warriors, wardens, assassins, spies, and scouts.
      • This faction separates its fighters by skill set
        • The General's Army: Warriors, The Vanguard, fight on land and on the wing.
        • Treewardens: Guards specific locations in the Valley/surrounding territories.
        • The Nocturnal Strike Force: Stealth group, often goes on reconnaissance missions, gathering intel.
        • Special Ops Team: Spies and assassins, the best of the best for the most delicate undertakings.
  • The Mystic Faction
    • Led by Veille. Includes wizards, healers, alchemists, and apothecaries.
  • The Craft Faction
    • Led by Dynas. Includes craftdragons, supply coordinators, couriers, creators, scientists, cooks, hunters, keepers of the wild, scavengers, and protectors of sacred spots.

Dragons of Note[edit | edit source]

  • Justice Faction
    • Agrius (Adviser)
    • Starling (Adviser, Light flight Representative)
    • Elis (Adviser)
    • Lynne (Lawyer)
    • Fedelm (Servant of the Gladekeeper; Deity Correspondence Detail)
    • Eridani (Loremaster)
  • War Faction
    • Bellron (General)
    • Shallan (Co-Commander of the Guild of Wardens, Couriers, and Scouts, Cartographer)
    • Illarion (Commander of the Nocturnal Strike Force)
    • Angmar (Special Ops Team Leader)
  • Mystic Faction
  • Craft Faction
    • Seranida (Supply Coordinator, Dynas' Assistant)
    • Rime (Trademaster)
    • Vanavna (Head Gardener, Magistrate, Cleric of the Gladekeeper)
    • Belegaer (Co-Commander of the Guild of Wardens, Couriers, and Scouts, Cavemaster)
    • Ranier (Leader of the Earth colony, Head of Archeology, Earth flight Representative)

The Justice Faction[edit | edit source]

  • Euncil (Editor, Archivist, Teacher)
  • Altair (Arcane Historian)
  • Taloweth (Light Priestess, Conservator)
  • Rillithia (Fire flight Representative)

The War Faction[edit | edit source]

  • Bairoth (Lieutenant Colonel)
  • Rhiain (Soldier, Vanguard)
  • Verethi (Soldier)
  • Locrivan (Soldier)
  • Irodus (Soldier, Weathermaster)
  • Scuro (Soldier)
  • Jana (Soldier)
  • Reann (Treewarden)
  • Bewitched (Treewarden)
  • Kirunali (Treewarden, Hunter)
  • Sika (Treewarden)
  • Veta (Treewarden, spy)
  • Sasha (Arcane Warden, Personal Guard)
  • Celestial (Head of the Traveling Guard)
  • Soarce (Member of the Traveling Guard)
  • Pelageya (Member of the Nocturnal Strike Force, Lieutenant and Spy in Special Ops Team)
  • Aralt (Member of the Nocturnal Strike Force and Special Ops)
  • Cenfael (Member of the Nocturnal Strike Force, Cavewarden)
  • Lume (Member of the Nocturnal Strike Force, Scout and Courier)
  • Skygge (Member of the Nocturnal Strike Force)
  • Arcario (Member of the Nocturnal Strike Force)
  • Nuryel (Member of the Nocturnal Strike Force)

The Mystic Faction[edit | edit source]

  • Amore (Arcane Wizard, Magic Theorist, Fortuneteller)
  • Mairwen (Shadow Wizard, Shadow flight Representative)
  • Jadis (Shadow Wizard)
  • Demyan (Water Wizard)
  • Fortune (Water Wizard)
  • Challicrates (Plague Wizard)
  • Esten (Lightning Wizard)
  • Ereser (Nature Wizard)
  • Ajala (Nature Wizard)
  • Vyaire (Nature Wizard)
  • Loa (Fire Wizard)
  • Ordorna (Fire Wizard)
  • Anwarher (Wind Wizard, Wind flight Representative)
  • Hjinval (Healer)
  • Numen (Healer)
  • Ankaa (Healer, Apothecary)
  • Lleuad (Healer's Assistant)
  • Vollmond (Herbologist)
  • Niluvas (Alchemist)
  • Serif (Alchemist)
  • Ven (Shade-touched prisoner)

The Craft Faction[edit | edit source]

  • Wilwaren (Master of the Treasury, Plague flight Representative)
  • Gwennol (Resident Merchant, Ice flight Representative)
  • Adaza (Supply Coordinator's Assistant, Recordkeeper, Arcane flight Representative)
  • Surkene (Head Smith)
  • Ietoro (Mechanic)
  • Txula (Architect)
  • Mesmir (Engineer, inventor)
  • Isle (Student of Anthropology)
  • Gloaming (Sculptor)
  • Leif (Artist)
  • Talenach (Bard, candlemaker)
  • Yora (Assistant Gardener, Beekeeper, Head Cook)
  • Vilde (Farmer, Yora's assistant)
  • Maril (Water flight Representative, Explorer)
  • Rwiuin (Waterkeeper, Head of Fishing)
  • Hollow (Waterkeeper)
  • Stria (Waterkeeper, Scout)
  • Nariene (Forestkeeper, excavator)
  • Surenla (Forestkeeper)
  • Shruva (Ranger)
  • Foinse (Head Courier under Belegaer, Waterkeeper, Fisher, Nature flight Representative)
  • Elrohir (Second-in-Command Courier)
  • Liva (Scavenger, Courier)
  • Alesinde (Courier)
  • Nidalee (Fedelm's courier)
  • Laanvem (Interflight Courier)
  • Senta (Lairkeeper, art critic, knitter and weaver)
  • Mygora (Lairkeeper, seer)

Earth Colony[edit | edit source]

  • Blyden (Second-in-Command, recordkeeper)
  • Gwilym (Deputy of Trade, Professional Negotiator)
  • Ryze (Lairkeeper, survivalist)
  • Vosk (Tunneler and Guard)
  • Minya (Water Collection Expert)

Dragons in Hibernation[edit | edit source]

Both active and inactive in lore; this list changes frequently

  • Alwyth (Lieutenant General)
  • Rhialas
  • Svithna (Head of Forestkeeping and Waterkeeping)
  • Diablo
  • Kiervane
  • Fljot
  • Othurn
  • Zveam (Scout, Traveling Guard under Celestial)
  • Dawnbreak
  • Consiee
  • Solanum
  • Mirava
  • Baltar
  • Caywa/Inge
  • Simbi
  • Unnamed x 4

Out of Clan[edit | edit source]

  • Wellam (Sornieth-wide messenger)
  • Vrangr (Plague Wizard)
  • Jare (Guard-for-hire)
  • Sekrys (Hermit in the Shifting Expanse)
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