The Clan of the Morning Star was a friendly group of dragons brought together by their desire to look beyond themselves and see everything the world has to offer. In the lands of the Arcanist they were able to flourish and find the space to pursue their dreams. Any dragon was welcome to join them as long as they respected the existing clan and what it stood for.

Recently, however, things have gotten a little darker and a lot more tense around the lair, and no one is quite sure why. Perhaps some knowledge should not be pursued. Perhaps the Shade's influence is further reaching than anyone realizes...

Currently taking refuge on the Wind side of Starwind Windstar Bay, the Clan of the Morning Star is hoping to rebuild after being forced to move from their previous home. Princess has taken control of the clan from her mother while Laela recovers, but only time will tell if this move and change in leadership is temporary or a more permanent solution to an underlying problem.


WIP - Solus convincing Laela to form a clan, finding Magnolia, growing and adding members

Clan Members

Lead Council

Other Members

Shooting Stars

(Recent) Clan History

The Second Generation

WIP - birth of Princess and Hallow, founding of Shooting Stars

Descent Into Madness

WIP - Shade's influence, Laela loosing her mind, relocating to Wind

Outpost on Windstar Bay

WIP - move to Wind, Princess taking over, Battle of Windstar Bay, intro of Zephyr

Clan Trivia

  • The Clan of the Morning Star was founded on April 14, 2014 by Laela and Solus
  • There have been several other dragons that have passed through the lair, but their contributions to lore were either insignificant or unnecessary and will therefore not be included here
  • On October 1, 2015, the Clan of the Morning Star moved to the Wind flight in an attempt to get away from the Shade-touched lands of the Arcanist. They are expecting to stay there for at least six months
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