Clodovea functions as the Order's messenger, receiving and delivering messages from near and far. She is the daughter of Jadrev and Helenite, and Kylar's sister.

Background Edit

Clodovea is what you’d call a strong silent type.

She is the messenger of the clan, but she never talks, instead she writes down messages when she has to deliver them. Nobody really knows much about her past, and she won’t be telling anyone anytime soon. 

She always wears hear red rogue outfit and what it doesn’t cover is scarred and tattered. She flies extremely fast, despite her damaged wings. 

She spends the time she isn’t sending messages; she stays in a cave a good distance from the rest of the clan and brews small amounts of slime and muck for her clan to use. She is and adept hunter, using sheer speed to catch deer and other large mammals for the clan to eat. She hardly eats anything herself, and leaves her big catches for the rest of the clan.

Trivia Edit

  • Clodovea hatched after Kylar and their unnamed, exalted (perhaps deceased?) middle sibling
  • Lore will likely be rehauled

Credits Edit

  • Background was written by oldjammerj (#250365)

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