The Architect of the Red Kingdom.

Background Edit

Originally something of a travelling builder, Colum came to the Red Kingdom at the invitation of its leaders in order to give his expert advice on repairs and expansions to the lair. Finding the project extensive, the pay generous, and the challenges fascinating, what he had initially intended as a routine stop on his travels soon turned into an extended stay. By the end of his work, having struck up a friendship with several clan members, and finding himself interested in the work presented by the Red Kingdom's architectural peculiarities, he was ultimately absorbed quite happily into the clan.

Of particular note is the friendship he began with Saraid, who would later become his mate. Both industrious workers, they bonded further over a shared value in both preserving history and building for the future—she politically, in the sense of creating a legacy, and he literally, in the construction of the lair. Though their work often occupies their hours, they always consider themselves to be working alongside each other and have a happy and productive partnership.

Clan Role Edit

In the day to day, Colum's main role in the clan is inspecting, maintaining, and repairing the Red Kingdom's lair. He is also the leader on all projects relating to expanding the lair or making major infrastructure changes, and it is his critical eye that sees all construction carefully tested for safety and stability. He often works alongside the clan's other innovators, as well as collaborating with Grainne, whose duty is the guardianship of the lair—or, more specifically, the fossilized bones that make up a great part of its stonework.

Personality Edit

Dependable, reliable, and self-assured, Colum is exactly the sort of personality the clan wants to have ensuring their home is well-made and built to last. But that's not to say he's staid or plodding: like all truly gifted architects, he is a visionary and an artist, able to draw beauty and grace from even the most sturdy of constructions. His mind works at a rapid clip, and he is always aspiring for greater things. He can be unusually animated for his species, a marked contrast to his mate's tendency to dryness, and is capable of infecting even his most stolid collaborators with his vibrant enthusiasm. But these are no flights of fancy: no matter how wild his vision may seem on first brush, he can always pull it off.

Relationships Edit

  • Saraid: Partner and lover.
  • Conlaed: Clan alchemist and a colleague.
  • Enna: Clan inventor and a colleague.
  • Cailte: Innovative mimic and a collaborator.
  • Grainne: Guardian of the lair and a collaborator.
  • Tomas: Clan beekeeper and a friend.

Colum is heterosexual.

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