The Alchemist of the Red Kingdom.

Background Edit

Conlaed has been with the Red Kingdom since the beginning, having made up part of the initial collection of refugees and travellers who journeyed into the Abiding Boneyard with their leaders. In those early days he made himself responsible for a wide variety of tasks, including looking after water supplies, managing technical and infrastructural adjustments, and distributing food. As the clan expanded and settled into its new home, however, he was able to relinquish those tasks to those better suited to them, and return to his first love: alchemy.

The majority of Conlaed's family has, like him, been with the clan since the early days, though they did not arrive together; he met his mate, Aifric, while the clan was still in search of a permanent home. One member, however, is a recent addition: Ciara, who was unexpectedly born of an alchemical experiment and has since been adopted as Conlaed's child. Not long after their birth, he successfully unlocked the secrets of the Bogsneak mutagen, making the transition from Skydancer to Bogsneak himself.

Clan Role Edit

The principal scientific mind of his clan, Conlaed's primary role in the Red Kingdom is alchemical brewing and scientific experimentation. With his apprentice, Enna, he provides the chemical and biological side of the clan's technological advancements, and also assists with upgrades to the lair's infrastructures and improvements to their medical treatments.

Personality Edit

Conlaed is the sort to never be happy unless he has a project to occupy his time with. If it's not his latest alchemical experiment, it's scientific research or study; if it's not research, it's tinkering with an existing piece of technology; if it's not tinkering, it's digging for new materials; and if it's not digging, he can likely be found curled up with his partner or one of their lovers—and even then, he's often talking his way through a new idea. But he's not really a workaholic: he just likes to feel useful, and finds the best way he has to take care of the clan he loves is in his work. He is kind and affectionate, and takes the utmost care with his experiments to ensure that he is both doing good and working ethically.

Relationships Edit

  • Aifric: Partner and lover.
  • Eithne: Friend and lover.
  • Eimhin: Friend and lover.
  • Ciara: Alchemical experiment and adopted child.
  • Enna: Apprentice and Eithne's son.
  • Colum: Clan architect and a colleague.
  • Cailte: Innovative mimic and a collaborator.
  • Damhan: Clan doctor and a collaborator.

Conlaed is bisexual.

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