The Complete Library of All the Clans and Lairs of Sornieth Wikia

Located in the far northwest of the Shifting Expanse is a stretch of quiet desert spotted with the ruins of abandoned watchtowers. One of these such towers flickers with electricity and storm seeker wings, close to 40 feet tall, and partially reconstructed. Beneath the tower, a maze of tunnels dug from sand and stone snake for over a mile beneath the structure, the home of a motley clan of rogues, warriors, mediums, couriers and engineers. Tread lightly, for they do not forgive trespassers.


Coppercoil Tower is a name for both the clan and the area in which they live. Said tower is actually only the most visible part of a two-mile radius of caves and tunnels, with some various openings surfacing to smaller, older towers that serve as outposts.

Several hundred feet below the main tower is the largest cavern, where the most activity within the clan happens. It is utilized for gatherings, announcements, celebrations, and trading. Several wings branching off from the heart of the clan lead to living quarters, labs, the treasury and the armory.



Blade and Ripple are the acting leaders of the clan and make many of the decisions personally that will direct the clan. They are aided by a council of elder dragons that have been in the clan the longest, and they communicate with other clans and give advice to the chief and his mate. Each elder oversees a section of the clan and makes overarching general decisions, in accordance with the clan's needs.

Heralds are a special rank in the clan below elders. They act as representatives and messengers to other territories and clans, and are expert negotiators and pactmakers, and there is one for each flight. The Heralds are under Spark's guidance.

Coffer, the wise philosopher raised in Light, is in charge of all of the scholars. The Library collects information, history, contracts, anything that needs to be written down on paper. The Tower's Coven, the association of mages and witches that live there, is led by Mist. Scorch is the main healer in the clan, and Snowfall is his protege.

The Black Plasma Initiative, or simply Black Plasma, is a group headed by Wolf, an ex-clan chief from Plague who joined the clan and was quickly recognized for his unscrupulous talents and abilities, along with his mate, Shade, whom he brought with him from exile. Blade ordered a mobilization of an undercover group that could perform mercenary and spy work and experiment with rare substances and materials away from the prying eyes of the region. Black Plasma is incredibly secretive, efficient and deadly. The activities that happen within can sometimes be the subject of some controversy within the Tower.



Blade - Chief, Head of Militia

Ripple - Head of Politics & Treasury

Elder Council[]

(In order of seniority)

Marble - Head of Nesting

Mist - Head of the Coven

Spark - Head of Heralds

Scorch - Head of Healing

Luna - Head of Engineering

Sol - Head of Science & Technology

Coffer - Head of the Library


Shock - Herald of Lightning for other regions and clans

Inferno - Herald of Fire

Jade - Herald of Wind

Scythe - Herald of Light

Icicle - Herald of Ice

Comet - Herald of Shadow

Dawn - Herald of the Arcane

Bloom - Herald of Plague

Geode - Herald of Earth

Waterfall - Herald of Nature

Tide - Herald of Water


Ink - Economy and treasury

Crow - Artifacts and history records

Holly - Battle tactics and strategy

Prism - Education and philosophy

Ricochet - Astrology










The Coven[]











Pond - Biology

Laser - Epidemiology

Rose - Botany

Cumulus - Alchemy and transmutation

Plasma - Electrology


Petal - Mechanical engineer

Moth - Armor engineer

Leaf - Weapons manufacturing

Dust - Tactile engineer

Coral - Resistor textile engineer

Snowfall - Resistor textile engineer


Shore - Explorer

Sky - Explorer/gatherer

Sage - Spy/hunter

Mesa - Scavenger

Black Plasma[]

Wolf - Head of Black Plasma

Shade - poisons and venoms

Constellation - secret messages

Pebble - Assassin, occasional clan executioner

Echo - sorcery

Fen - mercenary

Venom - mercenary

Beetle - sorcery

Blitz - mercenary

Twilight - mercenary, part-time nestmother


Angel - deals with nobles and political deals and squabbles

Sugar - clan chef

Verdigris - forges jewelry for clan profit

Neon and Bubble - twin sisters, traveling entertainers

Sunset - a strange, mystic dragon with unexplained powers, extremely powerful and often struck with vivid visions and odd magical occurences

Null - orphaned egg found in the Reedcleft Ascent, raised from birth