"They attacked us first, my queen! This isn't just a simple thing. I don't just want revenge! I want to protect us all!"



Corrente's Origins

More fierce than Galechka, stronger than Ivarr and a better combat tactician than Miyako, Corrente was a warrior from the youngest age: hatching. She was hatched into the clan of the Forsaken Rebels, a group of dragons who sought to end the reign of the Eleven and instate regular dragons as the rulers of Sornieth.

Corrente fought against dragons who she believed to be zealots: the dragons who would serve the Eleven until their dying breaths.



Corrente's full name is quite the mouthful. She was originally known as Corrente Richfield, but upon joining the Empire and becoming Lesser Queen changed it to Corrente Serafina Amelda Arabella Lillian Winchester.

Family TreeEdit


Sired by Unknown?

Mothered by Unknown?

Married to Azuolas the Coatl


Corrente has two sons: Glynn the Coatl and Dulais the Coatl. Dulais was exalted.

She has three daughters: Narumi the Coatl, Winifred the Coatl and Ambrilia the Wildclaw. Narumi joined the Court of Coral while Ambrilia joined the Clan of Kaskaden.


Corrente is the grandmother of three Nocturne females: Mycotina, Seluvia andd Viridiana. The first two live in the Court of Coral, while Viridiana lives in the Empire.


Azuolas Corrente hates her mate's pacifist nature, thinking that he is too much of a wimp to ever be worthy of living in the Moonlit Waves. Despite this, she is very much in love with him and sees him as a noble and caring dragon.


"I saved your life, from this day forward you serve me. I will not accept anything less, Azuolas." --Corrente to Azuolas after she saves him in a fight.


  • Her name is Breton for "Hurricane".
  • Her hatchday is December 25, 2018.


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