The Crew of the Constellation is an Arcane clan lead by Matriarch Blaze.

The clan was founded by Merida, as she was the firstborn dragon. She lead them up until the clan moved to the Arcane regions and rebranded themselves as


Merida was the clan's firstborn, and lead them for two years. The clan was born in the Ashfall Wastes, worshipping the Flamecaller.

The clan later moved from the reigons of Fire to Dragonhome, becoming a clan of Earth. They lived there for many months, until the clan grew restless. Merida had served them well, but she stepped down as leader once Blaze challenged her as Matriarch.

Blaze chose to move the clan to the Star Wood Strand, to be close to the Arcanist and the huge amount of knowledge that the Arcane flights posses.

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