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Crisiux is well the leader of the clan for one thing but also a mother to all of the dragons here. She is nice to everyone and everyone is nice to her giving the clan a positive tone. Any dragons that happen to past though and need a place to stay are welcome with open arms but if you dare to cross her you will not only find yourself being drove off the clan's land you'll also find that all the other dragons there will hate you to, even your close friends will have turned on you..

Story (How she got to the clan) Edit

As Crisiux finally found a piece of unclaimed land in the Arcane Flight she quickly started building a den for herself, a while later she realized that she was not alone and found a small male fae holding a twig in his arms. He fanatically explained that he was only trying to help her build and had no intent of trying to take her space, as it had happened to her many times before. Accepting his story Crisiux allowed the fae to continue to help build and even allowed him to join her clan, a few weeks later they both met Ironspine a wildclaw that seemed to be running away from something, they toke him in and soon he became a part of the clan. Months pasted and now and Crisiux now has a clan full of dragons that treat her like shes there mother, from Xcalibar, her mate who is always by her side to Zyanya a Spiral who no matter how far she'd travel would always come home to her.

Personality Edit

Crisiux is sweet to anyone even if she doesn't know them. She treats everyone like they're her offspring (except her mate Xcalibar) and mostly everyone treats her like a mother, but she turns cold an bitter if any dragon says or does anything curl to her an her clan.

Appearance Edit

[WIP] Crisiux is about the average size for a dragon being 4.55(m) in length and having a wingspan of 5.67(m). She has a steel colored body and normally wears a blue stripped scarf that matches Haunted's. She has teal wings and wears a Lapis Lazuli ring on her left claw that Xcalibar gave her.

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She doesn't have any magical abilities but dragons do tend to easily like her.

Other Edit

She once helped Xcalibar rip a tree in the Starwood Strand, (See Xcalibar's bio for more details)

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